A new way of enjoying wine


What really makes a good wine?

Vynl is a new way of talking about wine, making wine more accessible, and more enjoyable. Wine should grab you by the heart and never let go, so its time to start enjoying your wine your way..


Discover more wines

Discover awesome new wines from around the world, as well as the hottest wineries making the most incredible wines. Learn more about wine and take your own personal wine journey, its more than wine 101, this is a wine adventure that never stops.

Decadent red wine

From deep, full bodied Cabernet Sauvignon, to the whimsical Pinot Noir, find the red wine that will make any moment special.

Delicious white wines

From light and zesty, to full and creamy, or beautifully aromatic this is your ultimate guide to white wines.

Orange, Rose, and Sparkling Wine

Elegant ballers, hot summer thirst quenchers, and sparkling party goers. Maybe even a wild Orange Wine if you dare.