Audience targeting

Find the people ready to fall in love with you

You don’t have to sit around waiting for the right people to walk into your tasting room, or rely on your distributors to get you into the right places. Vynl works with you on finding an engaged audience who speaks your language, who are looking for new and exciting wines, and are ready to fall in love with small craft and artisanal winemakers.


Its YOUR audience

Find the people who are ready to find you

Define your audience

We take a look at your current digital footprint as well as your goals to define who your audience is.

Find your audience

Lets go out and actively find the people who should be loving your wine! We can work in markets where you want to focus your attention, or help you find new markets to work your way into.


Spark interest, create desire

Make people aware and have them searching for you, instead of stumbling upon your wine

Sparking the interest

We can drip information to your target audience about you, introduce them to your story, and start to show them the wines they might like.

creating the pull

Inspire people to take action, look for, and enquire about your wines. Let them create the demand instead of relying on distributors to find the right places for your wines.