The wine of the people

A lush glass of Barbera D'Alba, invokes your desire to drink for the people!

A lush glass of Barbera D'Alba, invokes your desire to drink for the people!

The Vital Stats

Body: Medium, just shy of full bodied

Fruity: Lots of dark, stone fruits

Tannins: Not too much. Easy going and gentle.

Acidity: A little bit, kind of tart.

Whats that I taste: Chocolate! Also lavendar maybe.

What you need to know!

Barbera is the second most widely planted grape in all of Italy, next to Sangiovese. It is considered to be a lesser grape than its neighbor Nebbiolo, so it does not get the same prime real estate in the vineyards of Piedmont, but that should not take anything away. Instead of being a super wine like Barolo, Barbera is a wine of the people! 

Barbera is great wine for all the right reasons. Its fun, light hearted, and just delicious, but not too pretentious. It is a wine that makes something special from its rough upbringing and celebrates it. You get some tart, fruit flavors, a bit of acidity, not too tannic, and sometimes a bit of chocolate in there as well. Its fun, its cheap, its meant to be enjoyed now! Down with the bourgeoisie. 

Food pairings

Light enough to pair with simple pasta dishes, meaty enough to pair with mushrooms, and dark meat.  

Scouting tips

Ask for it at the liquor store. It may be hard to find, usually tucked away in favor of the more popular and more outstanding wines. That really grinds our gears. This wine should be celebrated, and is rightly finding new homes in California, Argentina, and South Africa.

Occasion Pairings

Tuesday nights in, when you have spent all day working for the man and need to revert to your inner rebel. A great wine to serve at your socialist gatherings, amongst comrades and coworkers. 

Anything else?

Think Bernie Sanders in a bottle.