When Chardonnay is too basic: 5 White wines that will rescue you from basic wines

So many people discount white wines. Why? They seem to think white wines are lacking, for some reason or another. A lot of men, through anecdotes and conversations, seem to think of white wine as effeminate, or not manly enough for them. For a lot of women white wine is becoming "basic" or the fuel of the drunken bachelorette party. For whatever reason people seem to think that white wine is just that, basic! We found the culprit! Mass produced Chardonnay (not to be confused with genuinely crafted Chardonnay wines from winemakers who give a damn). We drink more of the stuff than any other wine in the US, and yet profess to hate the stuff. 

So where to go if we want to be thrilled by white wine again, and not be stuck with basic, mass produced Chardonnay? There are plenty of white wines that will delight you, so we created a guide that will help you dive in to some of the best white wines in the world.

  1. Viognier - The chardonnay killer! Viognier has a creamy, oily texture that is luscious and decadent, while its peach and melon flavors will feel like a rich fruit salad in your mouth. Viognier is basically an orgasm in your mouth.
  2. Chenin Blanc - Whether from South Africa or its native Loire Valley, Chenin Blanc is bliss in a bottle. Its light, crispy, body and pear flavors are to die for. Its high acidity makes it akin to drinking adult lemonade.
  3. Arneis - If you are going to party, dance, and hit the town then treat yourself and have a bottle of Arneis with the ladies (or the gents, right lads?). Its just better, and it will help you loosen up before you hit that dance floor HARD. 
  4. Riesling - If refreshment is what you seek, then a dry Riesling is what you should be drinking. Or if you are looking to spice up your life with some sexy, spicy food, and a hot date then Riesling is a perfect pairing.
  5. Sancerre - So it may be all Sauvignon Blanc, but this is not your sister in law's pool side Yellowtail SB. Sancerre is the refined, classy, and well put together. It is an elegant drink that is the perfect refreshment after a long day in the fields, with the horses, as you slump on your Barbour jacket and jump back into your Range Rover on your way back to the Chateau. 

So why fear the white grapes? There are so many white wines out there that it is a shame we let mass produced Chardonnay speak for them all. This little wine guide is just a start to your white wine journey. Don't forget there are others like Gruner Veltliner, Torrontes, Albarino, and so many Greek white wines that will kick the bleak Chardonnay's ass and do so for the same price. Go out there and have fun with your whites!

Wine TrendsDamian Priday