Fall in love with wine: 3 Essential White Wines for Fall

Ah the Fall, a time of brown boots, pumpkin spiced everything (from lattes to beer, yet we skip the pumpkins) and light jackets on cool, breezy nights. The leaves turn from green to all different shades we wish we could capture and hold forever. As the seasons change, the occasions change, and so should the wine that you drink. For white wine lovers pairing the right whites with Fall occasions is tricky, you want to move away from light and crispy sometimes to something hearty and creamy to match the mood. No matter what the occasion this Fall though, this is your guide to the three essential white wines to get your lips into this Fall.

  1. Chardonnay - The classic, basic Chardonnay is no slouch for Fall weather. Though it has its detractors, keep an eye out for Oaked Chardonnays from France, California, and Australia, if you want that rich, creamy, buttery texture that will warm you heart as much as it quenches your thirst.
  2. Viognier - Just as delicious to say as it is to drink, Viognier is a hearty wine full of sensual appeal. Like high heeled boots, Viognier has enough character and body to entice, thrill to drive even the boldest red wine drinkers wild.
  3. Grüner Veltliner - Your essential Fall party wine, Grüner Veltliner is a people pleaser in a bottle. Nothing is better for large parties, small gatherings, or even impressing a hot date. Its just Grü-vy.

But why stop there? There are so many white wines out there that make for perfect drinking this Fall with a hell of a lot of bite just when you need it. You could have a sexy Italian Arneis, a luscious Greek Assyrtiko, or even a sweet German Riessling. There is no reason to put away the white wine till summer just because it got a little nippy outside. Drink what your heart desires!

Its totally cool to indulge in white wines this Fall, unlike white pants white wines after Labor Day are no fashion faux pas. Though as the season changes, you are going to want something with a little bit more character to really capture the spirit of the season. And with the Vynl wine guide to these three Fall white wines, you really cannot go wrong.