Turkeys and Wine: Wines that will make your Thanksgiving a lot more fun

Thanksgiving is amazing, what could be better than overloading on turkey and stuffing for hours on end? Thanksgiving can also be overwhelming, with the stress of dealing with family members you may or may not get along with, or do not see very often. So instead of being like very other blogger in the wine world, we decided we would help get you through Thanksgiving and share some wines that will make Thanksgiving a lot more fun. How? We picked the perfect wines for every part of the Thanksgiving holiday!

The wines for sitting around and chatting before the meal...

It is easy to overlook the perfect wine for this moment of the day. You are going to be tempting with diving into the good stuff, or looking for a wine that tickles your fancy a little bit. What you should be thinking is “Let’s do this!” and buckle down for the day ahead, because it is going to be a LOOOOONG day. Hit up the Chardonnay, or if you were smart, you would have brought a bottle or two of Arneis to get this party started.

Sitting down with the aunts, uncles, cousins et.al…

This is where the conversations are going to start getting a little hairy, when your aunt poses vague questions about your sexuality, or your uncle starts talking about his fringe political ideas. Meanwhile all you want to do is chill with your favorite cousin and catch up after what seems like forever. You’re going to need something stronger, and white wine won’t cut it. Time to break out the Syrah-Viognier blend so you can have some fun.

Ok, time to sit down to dinner…

This is where you can really start to have some fun, but think a little bit about your crowd. So we thought of a few options based on who you are sharing dinner with.

  • If they are pretty traditional, WASP,  and have some cash in the bank (did you see your cousin’s new car? Holy shit!) then some Oregon Pinot Noir if they voted Hillary, California for the Trump fans.
  • If the crowd wants white wine, try a classy Chenin Blanc to add some zest, and bright acidity, to cut through all the rich foods.
  • If your friends and family are worldly, adventurous, and don’t give a damn about the rules, then break out the Cabernet Franc.
  • If you can’t bear it and need to drink to get through it all, grab a bottle of Syrah and a straw.

After dinner, and the football game…

Still standing? Good for you! But they day is not over. There is some pigskin action to enjoy, and what could be better than an American wine for an American tradition? Grab some Zinfandel or a Petit Sirah - Zinfandel blend to enjoy the game, and recall some of the great moments you saw watching these games during Thanksgivings past (remember the butt-fumble?).

And as the evening winds down…

As the family sits around, happy, bellies full of turkey and wine, remember to be thankful. Be thankful of the people who love, and support you through thick and thin. Be thankful for the small things in your life, that help you truly appreciate special moments. And remember to be thankful for all the amazing wine that Vynl suggested for you to make the most out of this day, and got you through with rosy cheeks, a red nose, and a massive smile.

Congratulations! You made it through Thanksgiving! See you at the next holiday.