Wine Icons: Action Bronson's beats, lyrics, food and wine

Ever seen Fuck that’s Delicious on Vice? I am a massive fan of the show. Watching the show makes me happy. Watching Action Bronson and friends blaze trails of smoke around the world, eating, drinking, and hanging with great artists, people, chefs, winemakers, just having fun makes it a testament to what life should be about. Beats, lyrics, food and wine, what more could you ask for?

Action Bronson is a hero, and an icon of modern wine culture. Bringing the love of wine from the old to the new, he brings wine crashing back down to earth, but then lifts  it up to a level it's never been to, in front of an audience who might not be into wine. I mean just look at this clip, and have a taste of how Action talks about wine…

See what I mean? You can see in his face, the way he moves, the way he talks that it is all about enjoying the moment with friends, enjoying the wine, giving it a damn good taste, and fuck it if you disagree because he tastes what he tastes. Just like his sensual moaning every time some delicious morsel of food hits his lips, it is the most beautiful sound in the world. You know its real, you know its good, and you know Action is in heaven right at that moment.

But you know what makes Fuck That’s Delicious real? The fact that Action would not, and could not do this on his own. Yes, it is a hell of a lot of fun to go around the world and eat the best food with the best chefs, but it would be so much better if you could do all of this crazy shit with your friends. So he drags people like Mayhem Lauren and Alchemist with him, hits up Mario Battali, and just goes crazy. They laugh, they drink, they cry, but they enjoy the cities, the wines, the food, and then they get up on stage and do their thing. Action and co. live life like only they can, at its biggest, fullest, and yet at the same time giving to the world and to each other.

That is what makes Action Bronson a wine hero and wine culture icon, because he knows exactly where wine exists in our lives. To him, much like the food he enjoys, wine is about bringing your friends together and experiencing something awesome. You become grateful to the people who make it, who share it with you, and you appreciate their craft, because it makes moments in your life just that little bit more special.

So in honor of Action, we say raise a glass of your favorite wine with us, let out an orgasmic groan and say “FUCK! That’s delicious.”

Wine Icons is a new segment for Vynl, celebrating the people who influence what, how, where and when we drink, shining the light on wine culture, elevating it, and bringing us closer to each other with wine. Salut!

Wine IconsDamian Priday