Capturing that perfect moment, elevating your experience

You have thought about it, obsessed over every detail, and made sure that everything is perfectly in place. The timing is planned out to the second and though you have dreamed about this for months, years, once it is all coming to fruition your heart pounds out of your chest. The words dare not escape your throat, its too painful. The excitement grabs you and in a moment of bliss you utter the words that every human around the world has waited to hear or say.

Then as you sit and cuddle on the blanket of your picnic, you stare longingly over the table, you scream in elation, you celebrate by popping the $5 bottle of Prosecco you bought that morning at Trader Joes. What the FUCK dude! You had this moment planned out perfectly and you let yourself down at the moment where memories connect directly with our senses and you botched it by being a cheap asshole. Congratulations.

This is something that sprang to mind as I spoke with my good friend Anand Deshpande when as we chatted about wine, drinks, and how they elevate our experiences and lock in our memories. The right drink at the right time can make all the difference. You sit at a moment when you have the chance to lock in a memory in a very physical way and with the alcohol you open yourself to the emotional sentiment that takes hold. I have written before about how drinks can make you realize, feel, and expand your senses in so many ways, but please allow me to expand a little further.

When a moment becomes a memory your body will lock your senses and grab hold of sights, sounds, tastes, smells, and sights, to create triggers that will recall your memory. For example, the smell of a quality lager or beer brewing will always trigger memories for me visiting my dad’s office at Newlands Brewery in Cape Town. Even thinking about it as I write I can smell the malt. Some people dislike the smell, to me it is heaven because it is associated with such a fond memory.

This is why the right drink at the perfect moment is so crucial, and why it is going to elevate the experience. Allowing your senses to take control of the memory and take note will help you to trigger it long after the event. Drinks are perfect for this, as with a drink you can experience everything your senses command. The sight of the liquid, the aromas coming through, the taste as it hits your tongue, and even the texture of the liquid or bottle or glass in your hands. It quite literally captures that moment from every angle, and elevates the experience as a whole, allowing the senses to make a moment magical.

This is what I want to help people do, use drinks to elevate the experience they have in their daily lives. Whether through fantastic wines that will capture you at the right moment, or a cheap beer that will help you get over heartache, having a drink that is right for the moment allows you to capture it and lock it in. Drink up, be merry, and enjoy every moment as you sip that sweet nectar and remember it for the rest of your life.


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