Discovering new wines from around the world is awesome

Discovering new wines from around the world is awesome

Discovering new wine  from around the world has been for me, a side effect of living a nomadic life. I grew up in South Africa, so South African wine holds a special place in my heart, but I have tasted wine from Peru, Hungary, and other regions as a way of exploring the culture and tastes. Hardly recognized wine regions, but still producing something special and unique. There are so many recognized wine regions in the world to begin with, that you could spend your whole life never straying from safe regions and never go wrong. But who wants to lead a safe life?

According to a few recent articles, including this article from the Wall Street Journal, millennial drinkers like myself are more open to exploring a wide ranging world of wine over staying to the classical “top” regions like the Napa Valley, Bordeaux, or even Champagne. Millennial wine drinkers want to discover new regions in the world. If you are a wine distributor, or liquor store, you are more likely to hear a millennial come in and request a Slovenian Chardonnay or South African Pinotage than any other age group. Much like everything else in their lives, we millennial just do not care for convention, we hate your rating systems, and we do things more emotionally. We enjoy connecting with the world. So whether you are an experienced connoisseur, a total wine newbie, or an established wine retailer, here are the biggest reasons you should be expanding your wine collection and discovering new wines.

Exploring new wines will expand your palette

This goes without saying, and every sommelier in the world should agree that and expansive palette is a good palette. If we stay with just a handful of blends and varietals, we are limiting our experience and our knowledge base. Even the same wines from different regions could teach you a lot about how the flavor captures the environment of the grape, the soil, the moisture, the heat, and so on. Maybe you love Cote du Rhones blends, and nobody can blame you they are amazing, but new world wineries have often played this little game of deconstructing the wines from a region and selling them as single varietal wines. You will learn so much more about what goes into your blend by trying them out, learning each characteristic on its own.

Discovering new wines is so in right now

Millennials just drink differently than the old conventional wisdom. Nobody is disagreeing that California Cabernets are fucking awesome (which is why I spent $330 on 3 bottles of Silver Oak Napa Valley Cabernet which I probably won't touch for years) but we just feel like we have tried it all before and we want to see what else is out there. That's just who we are. We are dedicated to taking over the world, and we want to see every part of it! So we gravitate towards what may be little known or undiscovered. It does not even have to be foreign. You can explore new areas and regions within California that produce very different varietals. My favorite right now is a Graciano wine from Lodi in California. Then we share it with everybody we know, it buzzes, and before you know it we are creating a ton of micro trends that feed our desire and open our wallets.

Exploring new wines is good for your wallet

Well, I have a lot less disposable income than my baby boomer aged father, and yet the same discerning taste. He did have a big influence on that after all, and I refuse to drink lesser quality than he does. He drinks a $80 Bordeaux at a restaurant. Fuck that!

“Please sir, may I have a glass of the Malbec?”

“Excellent choice, it's a great wine.”

You’re fucking right it's a great wine! Malbec is usually pretty good, and probably because it is from Argentina where things generally cost less to produce, you can get great bottle for $10 or even less. I still enjoy the red meat, and even if I pay a $25 corkage, I’m enjoying a great wine for less than half what he pays. I win.

Selling new wines is good for your business

If you are a business owner reading this, then take the two points above and combine them. Millennials drink more than any other age demographic, and have overtaken baby boomers in size and purchase power. We don’t have a ton of money, but we will happily let loose the purse strings for something that is cool! If I could go to my local bottle store and continuously discover new wines from around the world rather than the same stuff over, and over, and over, and get my point...then I will feel more connected and loyal to your business. Show us the wines that rock, and we will happily show you our collection of dead presidents and other dignitaries. Also it helps if you have apple pay because I don’t carry credit cards anymore.