How to discover new wines

How to discover new wines

Whether you are looking for new variations of the tried and true, or are looking to explore entire new wine regions from the aisles of a local liquor store, trying to find a new and exciting wine can be very tricky. Discovering new wines is not easy, it is a journey, and you have to be able to live outside of your comfort zone even for a brief moment. Much like listening to a new artist, you have to have some patience, you have to go into it with an open mind, ready to feel.

Discovering new wines is a hell of a lot of fun though. You never know where that nugget of gold or hidden gem is hiding unless you go out there and listen, taste, and talk about everything that you come across. Wine is inherently social, so being friendly and open about it will only take you down an increasingly profitable path of wine discovery. Here are a few tips in how to discover new wines.

Ask your friends about wine

You never know who has drunk what and when unless you talk to your friends and ask them about their preferences. Get into some details past the red or white, or grapes, ask them more about what countries or regions they have enjoyed. If you know somebody who loves wine, ask them and they will surely let you know more about wines that rock.

Look for similarities

If you like bigger, bolder wines, and you always go for a Cabernet, then use that as a starting point. Cabernet Sauvignon may be big and bold, but it is not the only one! There are other wines that rock the heavy style. Pinotage from South Africa is having a moment like a band that has just released a new masterpiece, it is truly a wine that rocks! You can also get more detailed, looking for similarities regions, which leads us to...

Learn more about regions

It can be very easy (in the USA at least) to stick with California wines, from Shiraz, to Zinfandel, Chardonnay etc. because it is what we know and what we respect. Ultimately sticking to California wines is safe. Your standard regions are hail from California, France, Italy, and Spain. Within these countries exist the well known and lesser known, so that is a start. You can then move to more exciting regions like South Africa, New Zealand, Argentina, and Chile. Once you have your process set up moving on to places like the Balkans, Greece, or even Uruguay.

Get out of the California section

You can start here sure, but you cannot make strides in discovering new wines if you stick to the California section of the store you will become very limited very quick. There are amazing grapes, varieties, and wineries from around the world just around the corner. Just wander down the aisle, you never know what rocking, amazing wines are lurking in places you never thought to explore. The added benefit of great wines at a great value is another reason to wander a bit more.

Like many journeys, discovering new wines have to begin with the smallest steps and sense of curiosity and adventure. From there they grow into expansive adventures with unpredictable stories and destinations along the way. You never know where this is going to take you, but you at least have the resources you need to go forward and enjoy the wide world of amazing, rocking wines.