The perfect wines for summer occasions

The perfect wines for summer occasions

Summer is wine drinking season! Yes, you heard us right, and there are many different occasions where you can indulge yourself in the sweet grape nectar just like the Roman god Bacchus intended. We put our head down, asked some friends, and got out there and had some fun figuring out which wines were best for each occasion.


The perfect wine for any BBQ really depends on what is being served, for example if you know that you are going to be grilling premium steaks then go for a Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, amazing meat deserves nothing less. The summer BBQ, however, is more often filled with burgers, hot dogs, and grilled chicken so you want a wine that will cover all bases.

Malbec is a great, versatile wine for the summer BBQ, and you can often find good bottles at reasonable prices. Perfect for sharing a few bottles with friends, guests, or even strangers bonding for the first time over charred meaty goodness.

For white wine lovers, Sauvignon Blanc is a great go-to for the summer BBQ. It is crisp, fruity, and anybody who tells you they hate Sauvignon Blanc is just being difficult. It is a crisp crowd pleaser!

The picnic in the park

Summer is a great chance to share a meal on the ground outdoors with friends and loved ones. It can turn a mundane grassy patch at a park into an intimate dining experience, and nothing says intimacy more than Champagne. Champagne is the perfect summer picnic wine, but remember to have the means to keep it well chilled.

Of course, authentic Champagne can be expensive, but there are alternatives that will delight your demanding taste buds. Champagne copies have become legit in recent years, with even massive French producers buying up vineyards in California and Argentina to create great sparkling wine, while South Africa has shone with their Methode Cap Classique. Summer 2016 really is a great time for fans of the fizzy stuff.

The post rec league drink

For years a post sports drink would mean nothing other than beer, which makes sense (beer is actually great for preventing stiff muscles) but why should wine lovers forego their drink of choice and settle for the movement of the herd? That is exactly what wine drinkers are NOT about! Those of us who have a passion for wine want a wine for every occasion, and post soccer, or post softball, or post dodgeball drinks with the teammates is no different. Unfortunately, until now, we have face unexplored territory. So, rather quickly, the folks at Vynl sat down to discuss why we drink what we drink after a long day on the pitch and come up with the suitable wine.

The result? Crisp, dry, white wines that will soothe the palate with a zesty, citrusy finish that will quench your thirst. Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, or even Pinot Grigio (the Italian grown Pinot Gris that is often harvested early so it retains that refreshing quality). After a couple of glasses of these beauties you should feel well refreshed and incredibly open and social to enjoy the bliss of victory or pave over the bitterness of defeat. Another example that wine rocks, and is the ultimate social drink.

For a day at the beach

Hot summer days are always best spent baking at the beach, tanning, and enjoying crisp splashes into cool water. It makes sense then, that the perfect wine would be both fruity for celebration, and crisp to cool you down. Rose anybody?

Rose is a great summer wine, and the ideal wine for a long day at the beach that may stretch from the peak of sunlight to the falling dusk.

Rose is a great summer wine, and the ideal wine for a long day at the beach that may stretch from the peak of sunlight to the falling dusk.

Rose is the perfect summer wine to drink at the beach and something that will please everybody, from a small group of friends to big beach party. Getting into Rose is a whole other world, with wines that can range from a light blushing pink that has characteristics similar to a white, all through to transparent red that has characteristics that remind you of a light and fresh (you guessed it) red wine. After our decision to name Rose the perfect beach weather, we decided to explore more. Stay tuned for more!

Watching baseball

America’s pastime, beer’s fortress of solitude. Let’s not consider this drinking wine at the ballpark, which if they had wine, probably has terrible wine. Rather let's consider this watching baseball at home, with friends, or at the bar. We should also consider that, this being one of America’s great sporting gifts to the world, that it should be celebrated with one of America’s great wine gifts to the world, Zinfandel.

Like baseball, Zinfandel is somewhat of an acquired taste. For those who do love it, it is a dry, bold red with no comparison. Again much like baseball, its foreign origins have long been forgotten and now considered an American original. If you like a big, fancy team like the Yankees you can find a big, bold Zinfandel. Prefer a more light hearted team like the A’s, there are lighter Zins out there waiting for you to discover and analyze them till you come up with some magical winning combination. Zinfandel is no slouch either, and in the great American tradition of doing things bigger, better, louder, and with more power, Zinfandel wines are often above 15% ABV thanks to a high sugar content in the grapes. It is the ultimate American wine pairing for the ultimate American pastime.

If you know any other wines for any other magnificent summer occasions please let us know! Wine is social and meant to be enjoyed as such, so share with us your opinions on what wines should be enjoyed when. We love to hear it, and you may help a fellow wine lover have the wine of their life!