Biodynamic winemakers are the rockstars of the wine industry

Biodynamic winemakers are the rockstars of the wine industry

In the nineteen fifties Rock and Roll reigned supreme. Rock was all the rage, filling out concert halls, grabbing the imagination of a young audience, and the vilifying attention of an older audience. It was huge, and with it came the capitalistic attentions of the record industry who squeezed everything they could out of it. In doing so, they diluted it of its rage, its power, and its influence. Rock and Roll was dead by the end of the decade, the hippie movement gaining pace. The Beatles kept it alive, sure, but even they knew that the music scene was changing.

Mysticism, both dark and light, eastern and western, began to creep into Rock and Roll. Bands like Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, a newly transformed Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, and then later the likes of David Bowie used mysticism to create something that could never be lost. These bands turned Rock music into something bigger than simply the music, they turned it into a transcending experience.

The wine industry is in a similar situation, though as is typical of the entire wine world, it takes years to really catch on. Biodynamic winemakers and cultivators are bringing mysticism to agriculture, elevating wine into the spiritual realm. Not only, as many claim, does this make a better wine, but your body and soul will both benefit. At the very heart of biodynamic thinking is allowing the grape (in the case of wine) to do what it wants to do, as opposed to our history of mechanized agriculture which forces the grape to do what we want it it do. Everything on the farm is interrelated, and affected directly by the cosmic, and spiritual surroundings. You can then use different methods to harvest those cosmic forces and promote the soul of the vineyard, the grape, and ultimately the wine.

Nicolas Joly is one such winemaker. His careful attention to detail, his craftsman like prowess tending to the delicate cosmic balance of his vineyard through careful practice in mixing herbs, dung, quartz, and cow horn to different effect makes him an artist who paints with the energy of the world around him. As a result he crafts some of the most magnificent white wines in France, and therefor the world.

Much like the rock stars of the seventies, the extent to which the biodynamic winemakers of the world hold their practice sacred or even serious varies. You have to ask, did those bands really summon the devil, did they really connect with the cosmos, the spirits? No, not at all, but what they did successfully was put art back into the creation of music and now wine. They have successfully elevated the simple practice of winemaking to one that is in tune with the very soul of the world, whether or not you believe in mysticism or damn it as pseudoscientific. There is a lot happening with biodynamic winemaking, and we should all allow ourselves to open up and experience these rockstars of wine if only for that singular moment of escapism.

Biodynamic winemakers are the real rockstars of the wine world! They are the kings and queens of making wine that rocks.