The perfect wines to enjoy with Euro 2016

The perfect wines for Euro 2016

Ok, so this one is a little bit more fun, but the opportunity arose and we had to say something about it! It is the European Championships this year, and it is being hosted in France, the grand master of wine. Countries from all over Europe, many of them with their own outstanding wines and regions, are all flocking to celebrate the cultural unifier that is football. Though we tend to stay away from French wines at Vynl for now (there is so much written about French wines, and so much other wine in the world we want to help you discover) we thought we’d give you a crash course in French wine adventure paired with the highs and lows of tournament football (or soccer, we are global after all).

Rather than sticking to the obvious and well covered wine offerings from the likes of Bordeaux, Burgundy, and even Champagne, though we will save that for later, we decided to dig and find some of the underdogs of French wine. Much like Wales, or Northern Ireland, these wines have everything at their disposal to cause an upset or surprising delight.

Chateauneuf du Pape

We love Grenache, and the father of Grenache wine is Chateauneuf du Pape. It takes the awesome Grenache grape and blends it with Shiraz and Mourvedre to give it everything it needs to succeed. It reminds us of how Wales blend Gareth Bale with Aaron Ramsey and Joe Allen behind him to add balance and provide service so he can flourish. Add a little Hal Robson Kanu in for good measure, or Cinsault, and you have something that will make English eyes cry.

Loire Valley

The second largest football tournament in the world brings with it some of the best players in the world. The heat, passion of the fans, flair on the field, and buzzing energy means that at night you may be longing for something soothing, yet cool and crisp. It seems that the Loire Valley wines exist exactly for this purpose, to reward you with a cool drink with the good looking, super friendly Swedes you met at the fan zone.


We might kick ourselves for saying this, but Beaujolais is a great wine to partake in during Euro 2016. Like the Irish fans, it is really there just for the party. Nobody really takes it seriously, but then they go ahead and beat the fashionable, and fancied, Italians. Perfect wine to partake in when you are not too bothered with the score.


Champagne is the wine of celebration, rockstars, and for one really lucky country there is going to be a massive celebration come the end of the tournament. Perfect reason to pop those bottles of Champagne. Celebrate winning, celebrate the game of football, celebrate friends, celebrate France, and celebrate wine. Champagne is perfect for the final, if your team makes it. So invest in a decent to good bottle, keep it chilled, and be ready to party!