Wines That Rock: Rose - The feel good wine of the summer

Wines That Rock: Rose

The feel good wine of the summer

It comes around every year, a hit so catchy, so perfect, so of the moment that you cannot help but love it. The song that remains with you throughout the season, and becomes the musical symbol of the summer. Sometimes they are modern classics like Beyonce's Crazy in Love from 2003, sometimes they are just awful (remember Party Rock from 2011, and LMFAO, who are just terrible). Regardless, its the song that sparks memories of hot weather, days out in the sun with your friends, the beach, the lake, warm nights under the stars, and just being in a good mood for months on end.

In the past couple of years, Rose has become that feel good hit of the summer. Rose has become the symbol of summer, a summer hit in every sense of the word from its simplicity to its propensity to fade away with the fall. Much like a summer hit you just cannot avoid it. Rose is everywhere, with wineries around the world more than happy to feed our demand for this crisp pink nectar. It is becoming ever more popular, and fast becoming the drink of choice amongst rappers, celebrities, club goers, and friends just looking to cool down in the hot nights with something a little dry, maybe a little sweet, but always crisp and refreshing. Its on your Instagram feed being drunk by people you never knew drank wine, its sold in mountains at your local liquor store, your date will undoubtedly drink one at some point in the evening. 

And who can blame them? Rose is the ultimate feel good summer wine, for almost any occasion, and like a great summer hit, nobody is going to argue with it. Nobody cares, its the summer dude! Let loose, have fun, and drink pink. Even if it is a guilty pleasure.

What makes Rose really rock though, is its subtleness. Rose is hot right now because it is accessible. Its cheap, its simple, and its recognizable. Unlike whites or reds that come in so many different varieties and tastes, you need only to look for the word Rose. The blushing pink wine contained within is also a dead giveaway. Unlike reds it needs no time to decant, and unlike most whites its fucking pink and goes with just about anything. Simply calling it Rose also does this awesome wine a huge injustice. Like a good summer hit effort was poured into the production, the writing, the video, everything to make it big, to make it sound awesome, to make it a hit. Rose has its complexities, and the grapes used in Rose can be red or a combination of red and white. Rose can range in color from blushing and pale, to bright pink, and even a transparent red. Winemakers can do a lot to make it a hit, and they are pumping it out to make it so.

Just this year I have had Rose made from Mourvedre, Cabernet Franc, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, and even Pinotage. What makes this awesome is that despite each one of them being perfect for a summer party, each one was distinct and ranging from pleasant mineralities to big ass peach flavors. It was like creating a playlist of Drake, The WKND, Justin Timberlake, Beyonce, and fuck it why not, lets throw in some Jamiroquai and some classic Red Hot Chilli Peppers because that takes me back to the summers of my youth. 

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