How to ROCK! at wine - Taking your first steps to becoming a wino

Drinking wine is fun, but generations of wine drinkers have made the practice of enjoying wine tedious, boring, and fucking pretentious. They just went ahead and took all of the fun out of it. Wine does not have to be like this, wine should be social, wine should be about sharing, and wine should be about enjoying the things you enjoy the most. You do you, drink what you want, and enjoy it whole heartedly, but if you are going to drink wine then you should be prepared because it can be a little bit like learning an instrument.

Have you ever tried playing an instrument? The early days when everything sounded terrible, your fingers just could not seem to get to places where they were supposed to. Everything was awkward. Same goes for wine! Your first wine was probably a Beringer, or a Yellow Tail, or Cupcake, or something of the sort. Cheap, cheerful, and it tasted like an alcoholic drink. Somehow that awful wine got you hooked, and you kept drinking more and more, till you really began to enjoy wine for what it was but you were not quite sure. Your first wine chords started coming together. You drink wine, you enjoy wine, but how can you go from here and rock at wine?


Practice, practice, practice

If you are going to rock at wine that simply means drinking more wine! It helps you develop your palette, grow your tastes, and helps you begin to recognize familiar characteristics in the wine. Simply put, the more you drink, the more you know, the more you are able to distinguish and enjoy. What could possibly be more fun than drinking more, and more wine? (Also please drink responsibly, this is not the eighties, and Poison sucks).

Take lessons

You do not have to become a certified sommelier to enjoy wine to its fullest, but it does not hurt to take lessons on some of the intricacies of wine, or at least learn from people who know a little bit more than you do. Wine tastings are a great place to learn about wine! You drink wine, and people describe how different wines should taste. At the end of the day, you are the ultimate judge on what you like and what you don't using the most influential tool you have...your wallet!

Be bold and explore

Exploring the great world of wine and bringing that to you is what we are all about at Vynl. We can give you everything you need to go out into the world, you just have to go out there and do it! It is really easy to learn that you like one genre of music, or one style of wine, and stay with that for the rest of your life but lets face it, thats what our parents did. That is boring! There is a massive world of wine out there, and you don't have to be super rich to do a Beatles and visit Ravi Shankar. Wine is really accessible, and from all parts of the world, with different varieties vying for your attention. You need only to look a few feet to the left or right of where you normally stand in the liquor store to begin your adventure. Why not start with a Malbec from Argentina, or a Pinotage from South Africa and take the first steps? 

Have a few tricks up your sleeve

Knowing what to do, how to do it, and when to do it is awesome to looking like a rockstar, and being able to back it up. Knowing how to taste wine at first (look, smell, taste) before everyone can enjoy is important. People are waiting for you to give the go ahead. Know little things such as telling if a wine is off just by looking at the cork. Sabering a bottle of bubbly is always a cool party trick, but in the right circumstances opening it the James Bond way with a clean white tea towel or napkin looks classy as fuck.

Keep something interesting in your collection

It is really easy to buy the same wine over and over again. Having a go to is cool, a little safe, but cool. Cooler still is having something a little bit more interesting than your everyday. Often at a party I will pull out Cold Fact  by Rodriguez, a vintage and original copy that was given to me by my mom. Its very different from my Mastodon, Black Sabbath, and Queens of the Stone Age collection, but really peaks interest. Having a few wines like that are just as cool and interesting. You may go with a white wine from Greece, a Vinho Verde from Portugal, or a red from Lebanon. Just have something that is out there, and enjoy it for what it is, an adventure.

Have the right gear

Even the greatest music sounds flat if not played through the right gear, and as good as you may be at guitar it still sounds cheap through a cheap amp. The right gear is everything, but it does not have to be expensive. Having simple things like a corkscrew are so often overlooked. You can never go wrong with the classic waiter's cork screw, or you can go baller and get some fancy electric job. You do you, just make sure you have the right stuff. On that note, you should always carry at least the right glasses for red wine, white wine, and bubbly. They are different for good reason. 

And you are ready to rock at wine

Having these simple details locked down will undoubtedly make you rock at wine. Some are just the basics, the things you need to make sure you are ready to enjoy, and some are there to give you the boost you need to really wail on your wine solo and impress the masses at the next dinner party. Wine rocks, and if you nail these simple details then you will rock at wine.