Top 5 Wines that will help you get IN to wine

Even the greatest journey begins with a single step, and your wine journey will be no different. Wine is a drink that will stay with you and grow with you forever, as your tastes change and evolve, there will be a wine for you. A wine for every occasion, a wine for every moment of your life, and a wine for every dinner. But for the wine curious who are just starting out their wine journey, you have to take your first step. You may be curious about wine, and you want to get IN to wine. The worst thing you could do is crack open a bottle of some strange blend, because you won't know what the fuck is going on. A little like listening to Dream Theater or Genesis as the first song you ever listen to. Its too complicated and will be a massive turnoff.

So what are some easy, accessible wines that will help bring you in to this massive world of wine and set you on the path to your very own wine adventure that will last your entire life? There are wines that make it really easy to get in to wine, wines that will kickstart your love affair. From there, they open up a massive world full of awesome notes, tastes, subtle and even vast differences. Whether you start from number one or number five on our list, these are the wines you need to drink as a wine novice!

1) Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir is the quintessential red grape. Whether you learn to love it or loath it will say a lot about your tastes, but its medium body makes it the perfect introduction to red wine. You could easily venture to varietals such as Gamay, Grenache, Cinsault, or if you can go bolder with Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, to name but a few. Pinot Noir can even be an adventure on its own. Its grown all over the world, but is difficult to grow, which means searching for great Pinot is a challenge that rewards exploration and experimentation. It pairs with everything from chicken and turkey to red meat, chill hang out sessions with friends, to raging parties. You may never need another wine!

2) Sauvignon Blanc

You can call it trendy, you can call it basic, but you cannot deny that Sauvignon Blanc is a great white wine that will please everybody. Sometimes dry with huge minerality, sometimes citrusy, sometimes with massive flavors of passion fruit, there is a Sauvignon Blanc for everybody. Its a crowd pleaser, a stadium rocker, maybe even a guilty pleasure. You turn it on, and everyone is happy, a lot like the Foo Fighters. Like a good rock song it really has no importance where it comes from, but New Zealand makes some awesome stuff and the Sancerre region in France is all Sauvignon Blanc. Like all white wines it goes really well with seafood, but its equally as good as a hot summer drink by the pool or a girls night in.

3) Syrah (Shiraz)

Everybody goes on about loving big, bold, heavy red wines, but nobody really knows what the hell it is they are talking about. If you want to find out, the easiest way in is with Syrah, or as the Australians and South Africans call it, Shiraz. It can get so dark you cannot see through it, like really black metal (think Satyricon here, if you don't them then check out KING). Its DARK! Syrah (Shiraz) is also the best place to learn about tannins, that stuff that makes your mouth dry when you drink it. Its another popular grape that grows everywhere, so you cannot really go wrong with this grape and it will teach you a hell of a lot about wine.

4) Champagne

Go on! Treat yourself! It is the ultimate celebration drink, from toasting a wedding to celebrating your kickball team doing a three-peat. Champagne is for the best moments in life, it makes us excited and happy and if you are new to it you wouldn't really understand why. To understand why we celebrate with champagne you have to go understand good champagne, or what makes it so perfect. The bread like smells of yeast, the fizziness that catches and tickles our nose, the crisp, dry refreshment of the bubbles in your mouth and throat. I could tell you that Champagne is technically just a French thing, but it has inspired sparkling wines from California to South Africa all trying to capture that same magic. You just have to drink them all and see for yourself what all the fuss is about, and there is a reason we fuss about it.

5) Rose

Hashtag Rose all day! There is a reason Rose is so hot right now, because this massive blanket of Rose wine encompasses so many awesome wines from hundreds of grapes that make everybody really happy. To say that Rose sits somewhere in between red and white wine is a massive understatement, but with a lot of Rose wines you get either the crisp and refreshing minerality that you find in white wines combined with the complexity and dynamics of red wines to some degree of variation one way or the other. This is because you can make Rose from any red grape, and boom! All of this lends itself to a very accessible, easy to drink bunch of wines that can go great with anything. Its also really hard to be miserable with that fruity pink drink in your hand, Rose just has a way of making you smile and fall in love with wine from the get go.

Drink these wines and you will be sure to find something that you love. From there your wine adventure has begun. You will never forget your first love, no matter where your wine adventure takes you and you will grow as a wine lover because of that. from here on the more you drink, the more you learn, the more you fall in love with wine and enjoy every moment in your life to its fullest when punctuated by those unforgettable aromas, textures, and tastes. Welcome to the world of wine!