The story of Dionysus - The spirit of rock and wine in the modern day

People ask all the time why we called ourselves Vynl, and what the connection between rock and wine is. To us, it seemed like the two went hand in hand, that the feeling that both elicited from a person were incredibly similar. Hearing a riff for the first time that hooks you, tasting a wine that seduces you, they seem to bring out something that no music and no other drink could. If we were mystics we would probably believe that both were gifts from the Greek god Dionysus. Greek mythology says Dionysus gave us wine, modern mythology says Dionysus gave us rock and roll. 

In ancient Greek mythology, and the mythology adapted by the Romans, Dionysus is said to have become entranced by grapes, growing them, and then squeezing the glorious liquid out of them. He became obsessed with the euphoric trance that this liquid would send the consumer into. In the end it drove him mad, but not before he gifted to the world the greatest ever gift bestowed by a god, wine. 

Known as the god who waits, who bides his time, Dionysus would appear periodically throughout history to influence its course. The spirit of Dionysus often liberating people from their chains. He is the god of epiphany, of great realization in a sense where everything is clear. For centuries his followers have practiced unrestrained consumption, for better and worse. His gift of wine frees us from care, from worry, from self-conscious behavior. 

In the 1950s life was simple, good, and pure. Dionysus, you could argue, was biding his time for a great re-emergence into the world. By the sixties and seventies many rock stars had started embracing mysticism and the occult as a means of creating stories that would send the listener into euphoric trance, even transplanting them to other worlds. The spirit had returned, and was being emitted to the world in vessels like Robert Plant and David Bowie. Rock and roll was about more than just music, it was about realization, about liberating the listener from the conscious behavior inflicted on them by a stiff society. In a way, Dionysus had given a second gift to the world, rock and roll. The androgynous god and his gifts seducing men and women alike. 

Wine and rock music are connected. Wine and rock music both take you into a state that frees you from the stress of your every day, and liberates you from the confinements of society. They allow you to transcend into a state of euphoria, even if only lightly and momentarily. This fabled god has given us a reason to exist. It sometimes feels as though the connection through these fables is too presenting to ignore.

Damian Priday