Seasonal Drinking: 5 Wines to tuck into this Fall

Fall (or Autumn, for those in our global audience) is just around the corner. The days are already getting shorter, and along with the nights are also getting cooler. As we look back on the summer and remember it for all the joy it has been, we look toward the winter and the coming settling down where festivities turn inward to family settings, quiet days, and small gatherings. We socialize differently, we eat differently, and so should we drink a little differently. As the air cools, we search for drinks that will warm our hearts, and help us embrace the these soothing moments. We put together a short wine guide that will introduce you to a few wines that will help create great memories this Fall. 

In the beginning of Fall when the air is cool, the sun still bright, but you start to feel the need to bring a light sweater everywhere you go...just in case! Think of slightly fuller bodied white wines as just that, the ready for anything light sweater. Cool enough to enjoy in the warmth of the sun, and yet warm enough to enjoy in the cool, crisp breeze. Two great whites to enjoy are Viognier, which can have an almost toffee like texture to it, with fuzzy peach taste, or a buttery, oaked Chardonnay. 

As the temperatures drop, the leaves begin to fall rust and fall, the spirit begins to dwell on the year that has been. Light sweaters make way for light jackets, lighter scarves, and we begin to be mesmerized by the different shades that this season can produce. From deep reds, to rusty orange, and pale yellow, Fall is a season with unrivaled character. Traditionally a time of harvest, we look to celebrate and come together after summers spent allowing fruits to grow. Its time to take stock, and there is no better way to do it than with the lighter reds that combine tastes of fruit, earth, and leather to paint a picture of just being together after a long, hot summer. Pinot Noir, Beaujolais (or Gamay if you are looking for something New World) and Grenache are perfect examples of lighter reds that will soothe your thirst, and still warm your heart.

To be very clear, wine is in mo means like fashion. You wont get into trouble for drinking Riesling, or Gruner Veltliner. It is not a wine faux pas to drink white wine after labor day! Wine, as we always say, should grab your heart, and match the occasion. Our hearts cry out for fuller whites, and lighter reds to help us collect the moment, record it on our tastes, and lock it away as a memory and we want to share that with you in the hope you will find something that strikes you just as well. You will find so many wines this Fall that will do exactly that, and this brief guide should help you as a starting point to drinking wines that match the change in season.