Wine That Rocks: Beaujolais - The Harvest Party Wine!

Summer draws to a close. Though still warm, the air does possess the faintest of chills. Nights begin sooner, become cooler, even a welcome break from the baking sun. We begin to sense a greater feeling of the collective, drawing us in together to partake and do our part for the harvest. Everything is changing, rusting, and in need of taking in, becoming introspective. 

So as the seasons change, so do we. We start to carry a light jacket everywhere, maybe a light scarf, you bring out those rocking pairs of boots that have been hiding away in your closet all summer replaced by sneakers. We ponder a little more, looking back on the summer and setting ourselves up for winter. Almost as if by nature, the autumn (or fall) season makes us pause to take measure of what the year has been. You have probably asked yourself this, "Can it really be September already?" 

And so should we drink a little differently as well. Our crisp whites, though not totally put to rest until next year, do begin to make way for fuller bodied whites like Chardonnay and Viognier. And yet as the night cools we look for something more meaningful, something to warm our hearts like a light blanket while sitting outside, not too far from an open fire. You begin to look for something to soothe your soul, and help you to take stock of your life in this beautiful moment. In this moment, Beaujolais becomes the wine for any, and every autumnal occasion.

Beaujolais, made from the Gamay grape, is a lighter bodied wine similar to Pinot Noir. Unlike Pinot Noir, Beaujolais is often more casual in its nature. It is not fancy at all, though still well dressed as if wearing dark jeans with boots, a button downed shirt, and a field jacket. The soft tannins make for an approachable wine that is easy to drink, sometimes dry, sometimes fruity, sometimes a little tart. Best served slightly chilled, meaning you should drop it in the fridge for 20 minutes before tucking in. 

If you are looking for Beaujolais, the unmistakable Louis Jadot Chateau de Jacques can be found just about everywhere, and has a few wines that are all around the same price. These wines will also serve as a great lesson for how to understand terroir, and if you so inclined to try them all you will be rewarded by something you will love for the rest of your life. 

Also, in November, be on the lookout for Beaujolais Nouveau, wine from the current vintage that has been fermented for just six to eight weeks but still rip roaring and ready to go. It is the ultimate autumn party wine full of amazing fruit flavors. We will be posting on that awesome annual wine event soon.

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