Wines That Rock: Cabernet Franc

There are moments in life when you just cannot be alone. Memories and experiences are solidified in the shared camaraderie of what unfolds. Within these bigger moments are smaller, nuanced moments, that help us connect with individuals in these greater moments. A high five, a smile, a wink, a small gesture, that connects two people to each other as well as the greater experience.

Small moments that make up the big picture. Looking over to your beloved while sat amongst the guests at a wedding and realizing as they smile at you that they just might be the one. You envision them standing up there next to you, and that small moment becomes a milestone in a much greater story.

In Cabernet Franc you get the perfect wine to savor, and capture the moments. A wine for the good times, happiness and the warmth that these moments bring you. A wine of reflection, its medium body is not so light that it gets lost in the moment but not so heavy and complex that it overwhelms you and loses meaning. There is beauty in its subtle tannins, the and flavors that are sometimes fruity, sometimes vegetal, and sometimes earthy.

Cabernet Franc has existed in the shadows of the wine making world for a long time. You can find it, and wineries do like to experiment with it a lot, but will often keep it for limited releases or use it in blends to round out some of their bigger, heavier wines. There are some wineries, however, that are doing some amazing stuff with Cabernet Franc. Portland's super cool urban winery Enso, has a Cabernet Franc that will transport you to visions of a dusty road leading up to a vineyard on a hot summers day, while Ram Cellars makes a Cabernet Franc that will ignite your palette with crisp bell peppers and ripe figs to name but two. It is an exciting time for Cabernet Franc, and as we sink further into the fall, it will be one of those go-to medium bodied red wines that will warm your soul.

Cabernet Franc is the ultimate chill out wine. Great for relaxing with friends, hanging out, and having conversations about life's hopes and dreams. Cabernet Franc also goes down a treat at intimate dinner parties with friends and family. Usually we stay away from food pairings, because you can find those anywhere and it is really all up to you, but do keep this wine in mind for Thanksgiving dinner. It is a wine that will match the occasion perfectly, as well as going down an absolute treat with your turkey dinner.

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