Fall in love with wine: 5 Medium bodied reds to fall in love with this season

A Fall, a time of brown boots, pumpkin spice and medium bodied red wines. There really cannot be any set of wines better for the Fall than medium bodied reds, you know, those red wines that don't leave your mouth feeling completely like a dessert, and are often bright and fruity making them a real pleasure to drink. So stop trying to out-bro your buddies with big, heavy, full bodied Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignons. Fall is light hearted, fun, and full of change. So skip the heavy stuff, and check out this Vynl guide to 5 medium bodied reds you should be drinking in the Fall.

  1. Pinot Noir - The ultimate medium bodied red loves the cooler weather. People are passionate about Pinot Noir the world over, and its said to be the wine version of little blue pills. Perfect for romantic occasions, when you just want to get close to somebody.
  2. Beaujolais - Next to Pinot Noir, Beaujolais (made from the Gamay grape) is a brilliant lighter red wine. Its fun, flavorful, and exciting. Great for sharing with groups of people, when you just want to kick back and have fun before it gets too damn cold outside.
  3. Grenache - Powerful, yet caring; idealist and yet devilish. Great Grenache can be like sex in a bottle: an earthy, leathery delight when all you want is to Netflix and chill.
  4. Cabernet Franc - No other wine will pull on your heart strings more than Cabernet Franc. The flavors will bring out your deepest memories, and it is a great wine to help you capture moments that will become new memories to last a lifetime. The perfect wine for reflection.
  5. Carignan - Fruit, spice, tannins, and umami. Yes, umami. Carignan is the ultimate food wine, with its balanced flavor profiles allowing it to pair with just about any food. Which means it goes well with any food setting, whether an intimate dinner with friends or gathering around a BBQ. Just as long as you share. 

Whether you are celebrating the final few warm days of the year, getting closer to friends and family, or just having a quiet moment to yourself this Fall, there is a medium bodied red wine that will capture the moment perfectly. 


Damian Priday