What the hell are wines that rock? How Vynl is your guide to the larger world of wine!

How many grape varieties can you think of, and name? How many wines can you name, considering blends, and regions? Do you know how many wine grapes there are in the world? It is estimated that there are over 10,000 different wine grapes in the world! We could throw some redundant math at you, but lets just say that there is no chance you could get through all 10,000 grapes. But it had us wondering...if there are 10,000 grapes in the world, why do we need to champion the same five, or ten, or twenty grapes. Everybody knows, and loves Syrah. Syrah is like the Beatles of the wine world. Cabernet Sauvignon is like Frank Sinatra, hey its timeless and classic, and damn good listening on the right occasion. Chardonnay is like every pop song that ever existed. Some you will hate, and some you will love.

Needless to say, even if you listen to nothing but The Beatles, pretty soon you are going to get bored. Likewise if you drink nothing but Syrah, you will get bored because the massive body is just going to overwhelm you from time to time. You do not have to stray too far though to find something else you like, you just have to be in the right mood, the right frame of mind. 

Wine, like music, is nuanced. You have different varieties, flavors, eras, trends, and so on. Things change over time, sometimes slowly, sometimes seismically, but when it is all said and done the ultimate decider of what you will enjoy is, well, you! I cannot decide what you will enjoy, but I and the team here at Vynl can help you along the way. We can introduce you to things you may never have heard of, not because we are selling it, but because we genuinely believe that you really could enjoy it if you tried it. And if not, well, we move on!  

That is the really cool thing about Vynl, helping people find wines they love and will continue to love, because like so many things in life wine is a journey. The more you drink, the more you learn, not just about wine but about yourself. The more you learn, the more you realize your tastes begin to change, they grow. 

So what makes Vynl different?

A lot of wine applications, media platforms, and other wine companies and websites focus on one thing, and more often than not it is themselves and their own damn knowledge that they want you to be impressed by! So much of the wine industry is like that, and at its worst it becomes a competition amongst experts trying to see who has the biggest di... I mean muscles. Most apps and websites are useful in helping you learn a few key things about wine, but after a while you learn what you can from them and they become useless to you. 

At Vynl, we just want you to enjoy wine, and put you at the center of everything that we do. Whether that is educating you on the fundamentals of drinking, or choosing wine, pairing it with food, or the occasion, right the way through to real life situations on when and where to find some pretty amazing wine (lookout for our video channel coming soon!). Its about your journey, so whether you are a beginner or on the road to think of yourself as someone who could totally crack the Master Sommelier exam but you can't bother actually becoming a Somm, then Vynl is a part of who you are, what you are, and here as your friend who is going to show you some pretty fucking cool wines. 

Shit, I promised my Dad I would try not to swear when I wrote. Oh well, sorry Dad!

Anyway. Wines that Rock is Vynl's ultimate guide to wines from around the world, helping you explore some of the most amazing wines you may may never have heard of. Our wine guide is here to help you find the right wines for the right moments and occasions. The Vynl wine guide is here to show you the way, teach you a bit more about wines, regions, and grapes, and let you plan your very own wine adventure. Wine is meant to grab your heart, and your heart is the only thing that can discern a wine you like, from a wine you love.


Wines That RockDamian Priday