Wines That Rock: Red Bordeaux - The Magical Kingdom of Great Wine

If Cabernet Sauvignon is the King, and Merlot is the Queen, then Bordeaux is the capital of the wine empire. People around the world go absolutely crazy for a rich Bordeaux. and there is plenty of reason why. Bordeaux just makes the best wine in the world, with a few exceptions. So what is it that makes Bordeaux red wines so damn special?

History, tradition, and mastery

Wine making in Bordeaux stretches all the way back to the Romans, and their traditions have been passed on hand to hand since then. Winemakers in Bordeaux obsess over allowing the terroir to express itself in the wine, meaning they are very hands off about their winemaking. Let it be! It creates an artistry, and mastery, of the vines that allows them to create magnificent wines.

The grapes that form the backbone of the wine world

Bordeaux is split into two parts along the Gironde Estuary, the left and right bank. Estates on both sides grow Cabernet Sauvignon, and Merlot. Almost like the Twix of the wine world. Right bank wines are more predominantly Cabernet Sauvignon, making for richer, more powerful wines, considered to be better and more expensive. The left bank favors more Merlot based wines, which are softer, less tannic and ready to enjoy whenever the hell you feel like it. Both sides make awesome wines, and the wider wine world has endeavored to copy what they do, but no matter how good the student becomes, they will always bow to the master.

Age Worthiness of the wines

Bordeaux is a place where vintage truly matters. Most years are good, some not so, but there are exceptional years where it feels like the Gods simply smiled on the people of the region, and their work, to create something out of this world. Coupled with delicate traditions of the winemaking process, these wines could change, develop, and improve decades after they were first produced, and people go NUTS for them. That is what makes these wines truly exceptional, because they can last and reward patience.

Special wines for special occasions

Whether young, or old vintage, whether they cost $30, or $300, there is something really special about Bordeaux red wine. The history behind them, the love affair of the people with the land, the passion they have for making something the world stands up and takes notice of, all makes for something truly special. In every single bottle of Bordeaux I have tasted in my life there is something unmistakably uniform in the bouquet and taste that shows honor and pride in where it comes from, and yet enough character to put down its own flag and make a claim to be one of the best of the best. Every bottle is amazing for that trait alone.

And yet whenever I talk about wine being special, being fun, and being something worthy of sharing, I find that it cannot be expressed better than a bottle of Bordeaux. Bordeaux is meant to be shared, meant to be the drink that brings people together to mark something remarkable. It would be too greedy to drink it alone, and they know this, which is what makes Bordeaux a real wine that rocks because it is meant to be a part of who we are amongst are friends.