Wines that Rock: Prosecco - Italian for Fun

Champagne is for every party of glitz, glamor, and fuck you money. Prosecco is there too fuel your more modest, but just a special events, like a good night with family and friends, dinner parties, or throwing an underground rave underneath a bridge... We are totally doing that for our official launch party by the way! If Champagne is decadent, then Prosecco is the most fun you can have on a budget. All the fun, all the goodness of bubbles in your glass for the modern age of value meets quality. Prosecco turns any occasion into a party, a good time, a wild time. Why is Prosecco a wine that rocks? Because Prosecco is basically Italian for fun.

In fact that’s what makes Prosecco so damn awesome, because it is not nearly as expensive as Champagne. Prosecco is made using a less expensive “tank method” of bringing bubbles to the wine. The process makes for a lighter, more “spritzy” sparkle in the wine. You get flavors of honeysuckle, green apples, pears. And a lot more fruit flavors as opposed to the more old-school, bread like flavors you sometimes find in Champagne. It makes Prosecco a fun sparkling wine to drink anytime, anywhere, when you just want to celebrate the moment. It’s the main reason you should always keep a bottle of "just-in-case" Prosecco ready and close by.

Prosecco is for any occasion worth celebrating. Whether you are partying for somebody’s birthday or just having a small gathering with friends you really love hanging with, Prosecco makes it feel like a victory, a triumph.

The problem is choosing the right Prosecco! It can be pretty sweet sometimes, so you want to get the good stuff, the right stuff. Anything that simply says Prosecco on the bottle is probably not going to be that great, in fact you need to look closely for the sub regions. Good subregions will clearly boast on the label where the wine is made. One region we go particularly cray for is Prosecco di Valdobbiadene. Other amazing wines come from Colli Asolani, and Conegliano Valdobbiadene making single vintage Prosecco of superior quality. We just get goose bumps every time we see it, even when trawling the wine aisles of our local Trader Joes looking for the best bargain wines.

So for any time where your guests deserve a little bubbly Italian treat choose wisely, but most importantly, remember to have fun. La vita e bella, and that's what its all about