5 Hipster wines that will make you look cool

You would have thought that the era of the hipster was over, but there is a cultural zeitgeist that is steering the direction of cool that can only still be described as "hipster". Once the punchline to many a joke, hipster is no longer a subculture but a compass of what we enjoy in our lives today even for wines. Hipster wines are not necessarily a wine you would find in an old time looking "apothecary" that popped up last month, but rather they are the wines sitting around the edges of "cool" ready to be lapped up by all of us. These are the five hipster wines that will make you look cool!

1 - Pet-Nat

If you have been reading anything on Vynl recently you will have seen us mention Pet-Nat wines. Pettilant Naturel wines are quintessentially hipster. Take something old, almost lost to history save for a small pocket of eccentric traditionalists, revive it and make it a global phenomenon. Wineries that make Pet-Nat wines can hardly keep them in stock. These light sparkling wines are delicious and scream cool. They are the wine equivalent of drinking on a rooftop in the city.

2 - Valdiguie

Your mom and dad might remember a wine called Napa Gamay, but after it was discovered that this grape was actually Valdiguie the name Napa Gamay was banned. The name change has done this grape wonders, as people search for a unique, charming hidden gem. Don't underestimate this wine though, its really delicious and the winemakers who care for it have really unlocked its hidden potential.

3 - Jura wines

Few regions in the world are a obsessed about tradition as the wines from Jura. Jura is a tiny region nestled in between Burgundy and Switzerland. You might recognize the Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, but their love for grapes like Trousseau, Poulsard, and Savignin give these wines a very funky, earthy base. You will fall in love with the artistry and honesty of these wines.

4 - Cinsault

If you appreciate craftsmanship then you will appreciate Cinsault. Cinsault is part of a trend where you take an inexpensive everyday item and make something just that little bit better. A cedar wood hair comb, a hand crafted artisanal tool set, or a coffee table made from reclaimed wine crates (thanks Jacob Lewin, its going to look amazing in our office), that little extra attention to detail just makes it cool. This is why Cinsault is the ultimate hipster wine, what was once a grape used for cheap wine is given the love and care it deserves with the end result being something simple and yet fantastic.

5 - Etna Rosso

Could there be anything cooler than drinking a wine that comes from the foothills of an active volcano? Make no mistake, these wines are phenomenal. Light bodied, full of fruit and earthy flavors a like. Etna Rosso wines literally explode in your mouth. You will raise a glass high and proclaim this as your ultimate favorite drink ever. Of course being from a remote part of Sicily gives Etna Rosso wines scores you massive points amongst your wine loving friends as you share your latest and coolest discovery.