5 natural wine wineries in the USA that will change how you think about wine

Natural wine may be the hottest trend happening in the wine world right now. There is no standard governing natural wine, no rules to follow, but what you should know is that what makes a wine natural is a minimalist approach to winemaking. Natural winemakers have a minimum interventionist policy from vineyard to production, little technology as possible, little additives as possible. Its kinda like punk rock, you don't really know how to define it other than its rock with all the bullshit taken out of it.

American natural winemakers are making some fantastic fucking wine! Wines that challenge the very concept of what it is to be wine, challenging everything we thought we knew about wine. Its so much fun, and you must be thirsty by now. So without further ado, here are five natural wineries that will change the way you think about wine.

Broc Cellars

Based out of Berkley California, Broc Cellars is a small winery with big dream. Broc cellars believed in developing site specific wines, wines that would allow the fruit to stand out with its true character based on where it was from. Chris Brockway is a rockstar, whether that is taking rare grape varietals like Valdiguie 

Wind Gap Wines

My favorite thing about Wind Gap is they say they make wines meant to be consumed enthusiastically and often. We can get behind that! One sip of these wines and you realize that Pamela and Max Mahle have a deep seeded love for what they do, and a love for wine in general. The name Wind Gap also comes from the phenomenon where breaks in coastal ridge lines draw in cool air and fog. Its all about letting nature take its course with the wine. They also foot stomp the grapes, which is crazy and badass!

Donkey and Goat

Donkey and Goat were never on the natural wine band wagon, they paved the road the wagon rides on. The couple of Jared and Tracey Brandt made natural wines from day one, not to proclaim themselves as natural winemakers, but to bring about wines that they believed in, wines that expressed their soul. Donkey and Goat do as little as possible to the wine, gently and carefully coaxing it to bring out its true nature. Their Chardonnay, Orange Wine, and Mourvedre are outstanding examples of wines that are allowed to become their own.

Bonny Doon Vineyard

Bonny Doon Vineyard wines are out of this world. We wish that was a pun, but it is an actual fact that these wines are out of this world. They are outrageously good, and they really have an epiphany in natural winemaking to thank. Bonny Doon Vineyard focuses on expressing where the wines come from and their minimal interventionist policy means they let nothing get in the way of the grapes telling it like it is. Randall Grahm’s philosophy of creating a true Vin du Terroir is like an unending intergalactic quest of exploration that will keep on gifting to those who follow and drink his wines.

Les Lunes / Populis Wine

Les Lunes wines are a throwback to what California wines should be before points and awards got in the way. Goddamit we love them just for saying that! These guys lease the land, grow the grapes themselves, and are very careful to make sure they intervene as little as possible with chemical pesticides. Show Besty the cow some love and go and buy their wine already!

Populis wines (made by the same folks) feel like wine made for you by a friend right from the get-go. They make honest wines for everyday drinking. No bullshit, no intervention, just downright honest, soulful, good wine. If they weren’t already sold out for this year we would be buying up their entire stock. Hey, we were going to share with you!