Wines that Rock: Trousseau Gris - A precious metal of a wine

So many times we have said that this wine or that wine is a hidden gem, and the truth is that many of these wines are having a moment and are very much ready for you to discover them. Trousseau Gris is much more than a hidden gem, Trousseau Gris is a precious metal of a wine. What makes Trousseau Gris a wine that rocks? Maybe its because this delicate, crips, floral white wine is exceptionally rare and when you find it is when you realize just how precious it is.

If we could compare Trousseau Gris to anything it would be rose fucking gold. What was once common, this wine is now exceptionally rare. It was called Grey Riesling but after it was found not to be any sort of Riesling the numbers dwindled. Trousseau Gris is so rare in fact that we could only find one vineyard in the USA where it is grown (it is more popular in France where it is often used in white wine blends) and just a handful of people who make wine from those 10 acres of grapes.

Trousseau Gris is not just rare, but it is absolutely beautiful. This wine is stunning! As soon as you open it you get hit with a bouquet of flowers right in the face. Opening a bottle of Trousseau Gris is like walking into a forest. The wine does not stop there, it presents itself with a beautiful rose gold color and smacks of crisp, zesty minerality and citrus notes. This is a hell of a refreshing white wine, but unlike other refreshing white wines this really feels like you are drinking liquid gold. You get a sense of privilege, of luxury, or being amongst a rare few who get to experience greatness. Nothing could come close to this again, all other white wines are just fools errands in comparison.

You might wish that there was more Trousseau Gris in the world, and hopefully one day there will be, but do we need this wine to explode and become the next big thing? Nah, we're good. We are perfectly happy knowing that there is a wine that is so exceptional that it makes us feel special just to sip at it. You don't need to wear your Rolex everyday, you don't need to break out your diamond necklace for work, and you don't need to show off that Tom Ford tuxedo every Friday night. Some things are better left reserved, for moments that almost require luxury and elegance. I'm happy Trousseau Gris is rare, and like a sane person who approaches any precious metal, I will not covet it but I will appreciate it all the more for its rarity and beauty.