10 Wines to Pair with Chicken

The meat you always eat deserves a wine you can always be happy to dink. Plus there are so many things delicious we do to the humble chicken that we can easily match our creativity in cooking with our creativity in wine pairing. What wine goes with chicken? Darling all wines go with chicken, but if you want to get creative then these are the top ten wines to pair with your next chicken dinner. Also we are sticking away from some wines that you might consider too obvious, like Chardonnay goes with chicken salad we get it. Yawn.

White wines to pair with chicken

1 - Gruner Veltliner - Bring on the fried chicken!

How about something delicious, crisp and zesty to go with that light grilled chicken? Gruner Veltliner with its crisp bit is a perfect wine to have with a light chicken meal. If you are doing something simple, then Gruner Veltliner is perfect. If you really want to get creative, try pairing Gruner Veltliner with fried chicken! The Austrians swear on it was a great pairing for schnitzel, so it just makes sense.

2 - Viognier - Shall we do lunch?

Okay, I get it. Sometimes you just want t creamy, rich white wine with great texture. Have you tried Viognier then? This rich white wine is a fantastic pairing for rich chicken dinners and simple chicken dinners alike. Viognier has a versatility to it that will make it a great choice of wine for chicken.

3 - Riesling: Sometimes dry, sometimes a little sweet. A great wine for Chinese and Indian dishes.

It is hard to pair wine with Asian meals, but Riesling goes great with Asian chicken recipes like Orange Chicken and General Gaos. The acidity stands up well against the tanginess of these dishes. A sweeter Riesling will also go well with spicy chicken dishes.

Red wines to pair with chicken

1 - Pinot Noir - A classic red wine for classic roast chicken

Off the bat we are going with something many people will think is counter intuitive. You can't pair a red wine with chicken can you? In the immortal words of Former President Obama "Si se puede! Yes we can!" Pinot Noir is a fantastic wine to pair with chicken. Try drinking Pinot Noir alongside a warm, hearty roast chicken and you will see the 

4 -  Zinfandel - Because the dark meat is the best part!

Long considered one of the best wines for your classic turkey dinner, Zinfandel is a great wine to serve with chicken dishes as well. If you are a fan of the dark meat in your poultry then Zinfandel is a treat for you!

5 - Malbec - For smoky, spicy, rubbed barbecue chicken

Did you dry rub, or spice your chicken and then smoke it? While Zinfandel would be a great option for that, Malbec would be your other call. The smokiness and fruity flavors will go well with the crisp skin and juicy meat of the chicken. Yes, you can do a full bodied red wine with chicken.

7 - Lambrusco - A dry and sparkling red wine for the fun of it!

Lambrusco, as we keep going on about, is enjoying one heck of a revival. The Lambrusco wines you get today are crisp, bone dry, and have a serious kick of fruit. If you are making chicken with a red sauce then the Lambrusco will cut through it beautifully.

Other weird wines for your chicken dinner

8 - Orange wine - Funky, earthy, and oh so groovy!

Orange wine is a fantastic wine to have with chicken and mushrooms. When the dish has that earthy, homey sense to it whether it be sautéed mushrooms or a chicken pot pie, orange wine is a funky wine that will stand up to those tastes and aromas.

9- Rose - Pink, fruity, dry, and delightful!

There is something in rose wine for everyone. Dry, fruity, crisp, clean, its a wine that screams to go with a chicken. More so than white wines, Rose wines have that little bit of bite from the red grapes that would go along great with a grilled chicken, or lemon chicken if you are looking for something different.

10 - Champagne - Just to make things extra fancy

People are calling Champagne and Fried chicken a modern day classic, and its probably one of the most decadent, if a little ironic, ways of pairing wine with chicken we have ever heard of. Champagne has plenty of the acidity, dryness, and zing to it that will keep your palette clean bite after bite. Pairing a budget meal with a budget busting wine is just the coolest thing to do right now.