The wines to drink for Thanksgiving 2017

From the safe bets to the obscure, A Vynl Thanksgiving wine guide for 2017

Thanksgiving is a beautiful time to sit down and feast with loved ones, but sometimes finding the right wine can be a pain in the ass. Everybody in your family expects something different, something that speaks volumes about who they are as a person. Fear not, there are a handful of wines out there that can be real people pleasers, sure to give everyone a smile on their face from the hippy aunt who only drinks biodynamic wine to the conservative uncle who will only drink Napa Cabernet. If you try these wines this Thanksgiving though, you are sure to have a good time.

The safe bets

Pinot Noir

You really can't go wrong with Pinot Noir. A light bodied red wine that goes superbly with turkey and all the fixings. You could pick a good Pinot Noir from just about anywhere in the world, but  come this time of year we tend to have a strong pull towards wines from California and Oregon. There is something about them that screams new world splendor and excitement.


See Pinot Noir above haha. Chardonnay pairs well with turkey and does a pretty standout job with the rest of your Thanksgiving fair. It is a great white wine to have around as well and is pretty easy drinking for everybody. Nobody is going to complain if you have a half decent bottle of Chardonnay and people will swoon over a great bottle so drink up!


Another great white wine to have around for Thanksgiving is Riesling. The more zesty dry Rieslings will cut through the richness of the Thanksgiving meal while a sweeter Riesling will go down a treat with pies and sweet potato. 


An American tradition deserves a uniquely American wine. Zinfandel's powerful fruit flavors of berries and even sometimes cranberries just scream Thanksgiving. Zinfandel is a great wine for the medium to full bodied obsessed wino throughout the dinner even as you sit down to watch the football. 

The more adventurous choices


If you want to stray a little bit from Pinot Noir you don't have to go far. Beaujolais is still a Burgundian red wine but made from Gamay grapes instead. Its a whole lot of festivities in your mouth and is perhaps the most iconic wines for harvest time. Seeing as Thanksgiving is a way of saying thanks for the good harvest it makes Beaujolais and Gamay wines seem fitting.


Creamy, butterscotch, and feels like a massage oil sliding down your throat, Viognier takes the white wine experience to a whole new level. Viognier is also a great white wine to dare your red wine loving friends and family members to drink and we can assure you the full bodied feel will blow their minds. 


If you are looking for something a little livelier than Riesling with some more herbaceous and floral aromas, or just looking for something that has a cool name, then Gewurtzraminer is a good call. Plus side is they smell like this time of year should smell. Gewurtzraminer just feels perfect for this day.

Syrah, Grenache, and GSM (Rhone) Blends

Syrah, Grenache and Rhone style blends (which are a blend of Grenache, Syrah, and Mourvedre) are always a great hearty wine to have for Thanksgiving. If you are looking for something truly big and full then Syrah is perfect. Grenache and the Rhone style blends can be a little bit lighter but not too much lighter. In any case they add a little extra decadence to this feast of thanks.

Way out there and obscure choices...but still totally awesome!

Orange Wine

Why the hell has nobody thought of this before. Of course orange wines are perfect Thanksgiving wines! They feel like a harvest wine with their combo of fruity and earthy notes, smelling a little bit like leaves that have been walked and rained on for days. Sounds funky, but super delicious.


Light bodied and obscure as any wine you have ever (not) heard of. Valdiguie is that light bodied red wine that you have been searching for all this time, you just never knew existed. You will seriously love these wines as they prove to you light bodied wines can be exciting, thrilling, and cool as fuck. 


Have you not heard of Counoise either? Where have you been hiding? Under Plymouth rock? Its one of those grapes that exists in Chateauneuf du Pape blends behind your typical G,S and M but its taken some out of the box thinkers to bring single varietal Counoise to the forefront. This wine will definitely spice up your Thanksgiving meal, in the sense that it will definitely be unique and it carries some notable spicy tones like white pepper.

Grenache Blanc

Going out on a limb here, but we are making the case for Grenache Blanc as a Thanksgiving wine and not just because it would be rude to invite its sister to the party and leave it out in the cold. Grenache Blanc will bring something a little more floral to the table and still have those Chardonnay loving aunts of yours well pleased. Mutations never tasted so good!