White Wines for Winter

White wines to enjoy with the cold weather

Who said winter had to be the solitary domain of red wines? White wines can strike and warm your heart just as much as any rich full bodied red wine can when the temperature drops outside. There are white wines out there that will fill your heart and soul with joy. Knowing which white wines those are though is the trick, so here are a few white wines for winter that you can enjoy.

The trick to finding good winter worthy white wines

If you prefer white wines over reds, or just fancy the crisp deliciousness of a white wine, you should be looking for one of two things in the winter; rich and creamy, or beautiful aromas. Whether it is holiday feasting or holiday partying, these wines are going to make you feel phenomenally good at this time of  year. Winter is going to allow you to savor these wines to the fullest and really appreciate everything that they have to offer. So here are a few wines you should keep and eye out for.


Big, luscious, rich, creamy Chardonnay. Buttery, beautiful, and elegant. You sometimes feel as if there is no better white wine in the world, that no white wine that can be as rewarding as a delicately aged fine Chardonnay. You will be able to find plenty of wines out there to suit your budget as well from the cheerful $10/bottle wines for the holiday party to the $100+ bottles that will bring out your festive cheer and indulge in gifting to the most important person in the world...you!

Something nice, a Beringer Napa Valley Chardonnay. A good, classic American Chardonnay that has all suits of creaminess, tart flavors, and even a little toasted almond if you can taste it. Beautiful and not going to break the bank at $24.

Something special. Matthiason Napa Chardonnay. Just a perfect American Chardonnay.

Something amazing but means your Christmas budget is out of whack and you're going to have to buy socks for everybody. The 2015 Sandhi Bentrock Chardonnay is worth every exquisite cent at $90 a bottle.

Grenache Blanc

A little bit on the creamy side, a little bit on the aroma side. Grenache Blanc is a perfect winter white wine. There are so many sides to a great bottle of Grenache Blanc that it can only truly be enjoyed in the winter. These wines cover all the bases sure, but they have a way of lifting your spirits and making you feel warm, centered, and balanced.

We know you will love this Halter Ranch Grenache Blanc. 


This is almost a no brainer. Every winter white wine list should have Gewurtzraminer on it! GEwurtzraminers have everything in them, and feel as exciting as the first snowfall. Its cool, your heart races, you start dreaming of all those spiced drinks. Great Gewurtzraminer wines from the Alsace region, bleeding into Germany, as well as Italy's Alto Adige all carry sensational aromas of spice, tropical fruits, herbs, and a crisp citrus taste. But don't discount the Gewurtzraminer from the Pacific North West either, which is pumping out some memorable wines. Who needs holiday punch when you have a bottle of Gewurtz to go to?

Twisting our arm? Go on! Get this Teutonic Wine Company 2016 Gewurtzraminer!


Riesling is one of those wines we swear should be more popular than it really is. Riesling is something akin to Radiohead, The Flaming Lips, or Rammstein. Those who love it SWEAR by it, they adore everything about it, it makes their day, their life. Those who don't get it...just don't get it. But if you have ever thought to yourself "I should give it a shot and see if I like something" then winter is the perfect time to get into Riesling. 

One of our favorite Rieslings has to be Ovum "Off the Grid" Riesling. Just...wonderful!

And since we have been talking about the sublime Teutonic Wine Company, their Riesling is amazing! This 2016 Crow Valley Riesling is phenomenal, but they also have a few Riesling's from Mosel.