Wine trends for 2018 - Wines we are looking forward to drinking more of this year

Wines you need to keep an eye out for and try in 2018

2017 was awesome for wine. We saw another summer of Rose which is always great, but people were more open to trying new wines than ever. Everywhere you went people seemed to be talking about red blends, whether that be Bordeaux or Rhone, or something unique that gave us all a memorable experience. Yeh, 2017 was great, but the wines that are going to make 2018 are so much more fun. We cannot wait to be drinking more of these wines in 2018, and we predict you are all going to be drinking with us.

1 - Pet-Nat wines

Pettilant Naturel (or Pet-Nat for short) wines are amazing. We have had so much fun since discovering these awesome wines recently and we can see them becoming a mainstay of rooftop parties this summer and beyond. Unlike other sparkling wines there are no rules as to what you can make Pet-Nat wines from, so you will get wines made from Chardonnay grapes, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, or even a rare blend. Whatever it is you are guaranteed a delicious wine that is as crisp and refreshing as it is tart and sexy.

Pet-Nat Wines.jpg

How do we know Pet-Nat wines are a thing right now? Everywhere we have looked folks struggle to keep enough Pet-Nat in stock. They fly off the shelves of wine stores, but its also the stores that know a little bit more about obscure wines that sell them. Right now you have to look hard and act fast to get your hands on some, but that usually means bigger stores and wineries are not far behind. It reminds us about what happened with Rose about a decade or so back, though we would never call anything the "new Rose" because thats just lame.

2 - Okay Orange wine, we see you. Now lets see what you got!

There are hundreds of articles from wine publications, wine blogs, and even mainstream outlets like Boston Globe and Vanity Fair telling us that Orange wine is the next Rose, or that its about to explode. While we aren't going to say that Orange wine is about to explode we are definitely saying that winemakers are warming up to it, and you should too.

Is 2018 the year that Orange Wine goes mainstream? We're excited to see what winemakers around the world have in store for us.

Is 2018 the year that Orange Wine goes mainstream? We're excited to see what winemakers around the world have in store for us.

More importantly what Orange Wine is not is the fall and winter wine for Rose lovers. Its too different. They are completely different styles of wine that have very different results. What Orange wine is though, is a funky, earthy, rich bunch of wines that will blow your mind. Orange wine is so much more complex. We do dare you to try it though, see if this free spirited jazz monster is for you.

3 - Oregon is so hot right now, and not just for the Pinot

What we love about Oregon wines is the attitude of Oregonian winemakers. For over a year we have been meeting really cool folks from Oregon who make good, honest, wine. These are people with stories to tell and the best part of it all is that every person is unique which comes through ten fold in the wines. We have had the pleasure of drinking awesome wines from Teutonic Wine Company, RAM Cellars, Enso Winery, and Fausse Piste. By learning more about the people behind these wineries, their lives, and their approaches to wine we realized that the Oregon wine scene is an expression of attitude as much as it is an expression of terroir. Nothing is the same, everything is special, and things just get awesome and wild.

Whether it will be lapping up crisp Gruner Veltliners and Gewurtzraminer, sucking on jammy Syrah, or the heart warming Cabernet Franc to name but a few, we really believe 2018 will be the year of the Oregonians. Shit, Oregon even makes amazing Tempranillo! The boss is also excited to be trying a bottle of red wine made in collaboration between Teutonic Wine and his favorite band, Red Fang.

4 - People are going to be all about natural and minimal intervention wines

Natural wine does no get enough credit in the wine world for opening us all up to the real potential of wine beyond the industrialized clones of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Natural and minimal interventionist wines are going to be massive this year because they are giving us what we really want. What we want is delicious, honest wines made with heart and soul. No added yeast, no stupid technology, just good grapes made into great wine.

You wont see too many natural winemakers shouting it from the rooftops though. There is no clear definition of natural wine, and many think that natural wines can have too many undesirable flaws, so its best to look for some of the details in the practice of how the wine is made. Look for things like native yeast (yeast that grows on the grapes), or minimal intervention, natural fermentation, and no filtration. In short look for people who really care about the wine they produce.

5 - Red blends will be on everybody's lips

This has been going on for a while now, and we expect it to keep going. Everyone is going to be talking about red blends in 2018. But the big question is, do the people who claim to love red blends actually know what they are talking about? Or is red blend the latest "wine safe word."

Red Blends are easy to understand and approachable for a lot of wine drinkers and or the geekiest amongst us they can be the wines we obsess over.

Red Blends are easy to understand and approachable for a lot of wine drinkers and or the geekiest amongst us they can be the wines we obsess over.

Truly amazing things can come from red blends. While we have collectively warmed to cult red blends like The Prisoner, which definitely has a sweeter taste than most wines in its price range, folks are also looking to classic red blends like Bordeaux and Rhone styles to get a much heartier experience. There is a reason why these wines are legendary and inspire copies the world over, because they are fucking incredible. At their best these wines are unparalleled in the wine world. This trend will see winemakers around the world try and catch your attention with something superb, something unique. As wine lovers, we should all drink this wave for all its worth.

Ok so these are the trends we predict, but does it matter to be trendy? If you want to drink whats hot then thats awesome. If you want to forge your own path then thats cool as well. We love wine, we know you love wine, so we are going to keep bringing you awesome wines we love whether the are on point or not. Vynl is for the love of wine.