Wines that Rock: Ramato - How Pinot Gris becomes Pinot Funky!

What is Ramato wine, and why is it something I should know more about? The easy answer is Ramato wine can be classed as one of the Orange wines that we are all going crazy over recently. You know Orange wines, that wine that everybody is trying really hard to make a thing? If Orange wine is ever going to be a "thing" its biggest star is going to be Ramato.

Ramato wines are the biggest stars of the Orange Wine craze.

Ramato wines are the biggest stars of the Orange Wine craze.


So what is Ramato wine? Really!

Simply put Ramato is Pinot Gris wine that has been fermented, at least in part, on the skins. The skin fermentation gives the wine its coppery hue, that sometimes comes out a nice cloudy pink. It also gives the wine its mouth puckering tannins. Ramato wines are nothing new, rather this rare method of making wine has long been established in Friuli, Italy. It is starting to take prominence in the wine world especially as Orange wines are becoming more popular. 

So is Ramato an Orange wine?

You could certainly classify Ramato as an orange wine, but there is something very different about it that makes these wines so much more vibrant. The pinkish/grey skins of the Pinot Gris grapes give it a distinct look that sometimes comes off as looking more pink than orange. If Orange wine is a genre that is about to break the mainstream then Ramato is the superstar that is about to make that leap and break down the barriers. Ramato is 2Pac, Jay-Z, Metallica, Motley Crue, and Nirvana all rolled into one big ass kicking, mind bending, censor confounding melange of adult grape juice. Ramato is that wine that makes you realize something new, something awesome, and opens your mind up without offending the taste buds. Its sour cherries and leather will make you horny as you hum along the innuendos of the Warrant's Cherry Pie. Its California Love driving on a hot day with the windows down, its rocking out to Creep when you feel at your most vulnerable. Ramato is different from anything that has come before it, and the cornerstone for a new love you have just recently discovered. You may go on to new things, but you will never forget Ramato.

Thirsty? Here are the Ramato wines we have been salivating over!

Donkey and Goat 2016 Ramato Pinot Gris - Woof! Before I even tried this wine everywhere I looked, everybody I asked, said this wine was not for the faint hearted. Lesson learned, when everybody says be prepared, you better be fucking prepared! You best be sitting tight when you drink this wine, because its like drinking melons covered in jamon serrano or prosciutto. Its fruity but meaty and savory. Delicious!

Forlorn Hope Dragone Ramato Pinot Gris, 2016 - Pink, copper tone that you look for in a Ramato wine. Nice, sexy body. Their name sounds so glum, and we were not sure why. This wine definitely made us fulfilled, and even longing for more.

Channing Daughters 2014 Ramato - I've long admired Channging Daughters winery. They make wines in New York and from grapes that many have never heard of yet seem to make so much sense in that cool climate. This Ramato is one of those wines that shows you they know what they are doing, and they love to push the envelope while remaining an elegant and modern winery.