Skip the Light Beer: 5 (AMERICAN!) Wines you should be drinking for the Super Bowl

Too long has the Super Bowl been the domain of shitty light beer. So we decided to to change things faster than a poorly signed executive order and introduce you to the five American wines you should be drinking for the big game. This great cultural feat that shows the world what America is all about deserves nothing less.

Petit Sirah - Zinfandel blends

We have said it before, PS Zin blends are as American as Bruce Springsteen eating apple pie while Stephen Colbert pets a bald eagle, and Beyonce belts out the national anthem. This blend was made in America, through American ideals, and with a serious lack of compromise. These wines are big, bold, heavy, and yet still fun as hell to drink. 

California Cabernet Sauvignon

California Cabs are the big wines for the big game. Especially if you have some really meaty dishes planned out for the snacks. We are talking American foods like burgers, pulled pork sliders, boneless wings, and bean dips. California Cabs are the kings of the wine world, so perfect for the Pats fans who keep going on about a dynasty then.

Oregon Pinot Noir

While Pinot Noir is often considered a wine snobs wine, there are a lot of Oregon Pinots that could not be further from the truth. In fact, with Pinot Noir being so light, so easy to drink, and so full of flavor, it makes for the perfect party pleaser. Pinot Noir is the perfect tail gating wine, especially when you find some from Underwood that gets sold in cans.

West Coast Chardonnay

You cannot have the red stripes without having the white stripes, so for the white wine lovers you have to go with West Coast Chardonnays. Chardonnay can be great, and there are plenty of wines from California, to Washington, and Oregon that will give you bang for your buck and pride in the American wine industry. These wines will also help cool off your tongue after the person in charge of the wings went overboard with their "homemade" buffalo sauce.

White Zinfandel

Nah, we were just kidding about the White Zin. Could you imagine actually drinking that stuff?