That one time I tried Pellaverga Piccolo

I wish I could write a full on "Wines that Rock" article about this wine, because I feel like this lesser known grape is something that should be celebrated around the world. Little did I know that it would have a much more profound impact on me, and the business that we build. Simply put, to steal a line from that awful Wikileaks movie with Benedictine Slumberpatch "The World needs to know."

Ok, so where the hell are we going with this. Well for starters this was a wine with which I was expecting nothing. I had no idea what was in the bottle other than the fact that somebody told me it was a really light bodied red wine. There are not enough light bodied red wines in the world to begin with, really just Beaujolais and Pinot Noir. If you love the lighter stuff, you are really just stuck with that. Unless you dig really deep, or come across a surprise like this one. By expecting little, and being in a total chilled out mood with a good movie on the TV, the wine caught me totally off guard. It was whimsical, fruity, and some nice notes of strawberries. Who does not like strawberries? Unless you are allergic to them and then in this case this is probably the closes you can get to that flavor to see what you are missing out on. Simply put, awesome!

It also got me thinking, and researching. I had to know more about this wine, but there was nothing. Nada. Zilch. The only thing I could find of any use was a Wikipedia entry about two paragraphs long, and zero photographs. Bummer. I shared an Instagram post of the wine, that was it. The grape, I learned, is a rare Italian variety. Those who love it, love it, but its not seen outside of Verduno. 

Last I checked, this was the generation that does things differently, and when we want something, we go ahead and we find it. Then we buy a whole lot of it, and then we share it with our friends, Then we make talk about how unique and special it made us feel because we found something nobody else knew about. We get a moment of holier than thou specialness, and when we come off our high we move on to the next thing. Sorry, fuck you, but I'm not going to soon forget this wine. What is missing in the wine world is a way to really capture that awesome moment and solidify that connection. I want to try new things, but I also want to have those experiences over and over again. Call me greedy, but I think thats what makes everybody in 2017 and beyond so powerful (not just the milllenialls) is the ability to have those experiences at the ready.

Except when it comes to wine. 

So with that I built Vynl's new website. And incase you have yet to take a look at the new then I really would like you to. Its the beginning of something special, connecting you with awesome wines from amazing varietals, to regions, ton winemakers. Soon we will be building out a way where you can bring those experiences with you, and create your own wine journey. Damn, that little wine got me all excited.

Damian Priday