How to drink wine like a President!

Happy President's Day! That fortuitous holiday where we take a day off to celebrate the 45 men who have led this great nation. No women, yet, but you can feel that glass ceiling will be shattered soon. Anyway...

Throughout the years (bar that period in the 1920s and early 1930s where drinking alcohol was a big no-no) Presidents have used wine to mark special occasions, host grandiose parties, dinners, and events. You can almost imagine that those wines are pretty damn fancy, and pretty fucking expensive too. Hey, if the taxpayers are picking up the bill why not right? So how do you drink wine like a President? Well if Vynl had a say in being the most powerful person in the free world (you know, like Steve Bannon) it would look something like this.

Standing in awe at the power of the Presidency, and the burden of the office.

President's love a bit of history, drawing from previous Presidents, their words of wisdom, and what they did in tough times. Reagan, Lincoln, Kennedy, but if you are looking for a wine that really grabs the power and history of the Oval Office, you have to go for something from Thomas Jefferson's private collection. Yes, there are still bottles from Thomas Jefferson's private collection, and the New Yorker called in "vinegar for billionaires." Should be no trouble getting a bottle for the current president then, hey Donald?

Hosting a state dinner with, oh, lets say The French President

Wine at a state dinner is the ultimate power play! Just think about it for a second. You could either choose to acknowledge their culture, their production, and celebrate trade between your nations, or you could use that moment to one up your counterpart and show them who the real big boss country is. So if you are hosting the French President, you could acknowledge trade by serving some exquisite Bordeaux blends, or show some friendly competition and common ground by delighting the President and his wife with some rich California Cabernet Sauvignon. Or you could watch his little French face squirm as you Make America Great Again by blasting some Petit-Sirah and Zinfandel blends. Yeh, that will show them!

Wines for difficult meetings with Congressmen and Senators

Urgh! Those damn career politicians! "But Mr President your executive order is un-constitutional, we are going to lose seats in the midterms!" What do you care? You are not up for re-election for another 3 years. All you want to do is tell them to sort it out, go on Fox News, MSNBC, and CNN, and get your message out there. Then come back with something reasonable for you to sign that won't kill half the country. Is it really that hard? So you drink to forget having to deal with McConnell, Ryan, Grassley, Schumer, Sanders, Warren, and the other 300 plus when all you want to do is watch Fox and Friends. A nice bottle of Washington Malbec would be perfect right now!

Dealing with international crises, at dinner

The current President seems to find nothing wrong with handling an international crisis over dinner. We just hope he does not get the top secret documents confused with the wine list, but if you ask us then the 1995 Chateau Margaux goes great with a North Korean missile launch. 

Life after the Presidency, when it is all over

Everyone should be taking a note from former Presidents Obama, and Bush. You are not the most powerful person in the world any more, and the stress and burden of carrying nuclear launch codes are no longer yours. If ANYBODY has enjoyed some much deserved time off it is you guys, but not you Bill! Life is there for you to enjoy, and whatever your new adventure, we will be right here to help you find the wines that make life worth living. Oh, and President Obama, if you could hook us up with some of that legendary Peza do Rei we would really appreciate it. It's really hard to find!