What will we be drinking in Spring 2017? Amazing wines that pair with Spring flings!

Spring is just around the corner, and as always it is very welcome to arrive sooner rather than later. Thus as our attention turns towards slightly warmer weather, lengthening days, blooming flowers, and the runny noses that follow, its only natural that we begin to crave something a bit different. Deep, brooding, full bodied red wines are out, and zestier, lighter, fun filled wines are in. The best part of spring? You can drink wines from all over the spectrum! Red wines, white wines, pink, whatever. There are plenty of wines to enjoy at the right time, but these wines are going to be our favorites for Spring 2017.


Deep, brooding, full bodied red wines are out, and zestier, lighter, fun filled wines are in

Gruner Veltliner

Its no secret that we have a love affair for "Gruvy" Gruner Veltliner. Its the best thing to leave Austria since Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Wiener Schnitzels. In fact you know what pairs perfectly with Gruner? Predator re-runs! Oh, and schnitzels too. 


Galicia is so hot right now, and Albarino is the white wine of the moment. Theres lots of fruit, but also something savory going on at the same time. As Galileo once said "Wine is sunlight, held together by water." Albarino expresses that better than any other wine.


As Spring gets warmer, and you feel summer is just around the corner you can almost taste the passion fruit tinge of an ice cold Sauvignon Blanc. For now though, you need something a little more refined, so look no further than the bright minerality of Sancerre. Its your sexiest summer best with a classy light jacket thrown over it.


Okay, on to the red wines, and there is perhaps nothing better than a medium bodied for a cool Spring evening. Something that will ignite that awesome new Spring affair, that could be a summer fling, who knows where it could go. Its such an exciting time! You'll need some Barbera to go with all those hot dates, something sexy, fruity, with gentle tannins and acidity.


What wine could be better for your first picnic out amongst all the blossoms? Pink, floral, and fun. Rose could be the only wine you need this Spring, but its good to know you have options.

Then again, wine is wine. These are some suggestions for you to enjoy the Spring weather, getting outdoors, and pairing it with all the bright colors that you forgot existed after a dreary winter. Wine is the ultimate Spring drink, so make sure you have a few bottles in stock and ready to go. 

Damian Priday