Best Wines for Valentines Day 2017: How to have an amazing, romantic night, with wine that is just right

What are the best wines for Valentines Day 2017? You want to have something that is memorable, special, and yet feels like it is in the moment. Valentines Day is a holiday where you want everything to be perfect, and you cannot let the wrong wine ruin a special occasion. So here are the wines we are recommending for Valentines Day in 2017 for all you love birds doing whatever your hearts have set out for you.


For the new couple: Rose

Rose is just a perfect wine for any romantic occasion, but if you have not been dating for too long then going too big can make Valentines Day feel very awkward very quickly. Stick to Rose, its flirty, its fun, and its pink! Rose is Valentines Day in a bottle, it fits the them of the holiday.


For the serious couple: Burgundy

This is on region in France that knows its wine, and for the serious couple you need a serious wine. For Valentines Day you are also going to want a wine that loosens you up, and puts you in the mood. Burgundy is a great romantic wine, with that little extra something that gives you the horn after a couple of glasses. Sexy! Also, don't go cheap with this one. Play some ball here!


For those who are looking to get laid: Cava

We know your plan. You have a set menu that includes oysters, chili peppers, honey, and chocolate. You guys are going to fuck aren't you? Well, we have the perfect aphrodesiac wine to acompany all of that. Cava goes well with all of those foods, and its incredibly sexy to drink. Something about the bubbles and the fruity flavors. Yummy!


For that idiot who is going to pop the question...ON VALENTINES DAY!

Ok, our advice would be NOT to do pop the question on Valentines Day. Its unoriginal! But if you are going to do it, then it has to be Champagne to mark the occasion. You are about to do something huge, and we know you have been thinking "Go big or go home right?" for weeks as you prepare yourself. So go big with the wine and hit up the top shelf Champagne. Maybe stick the ring in the glass as well. What could possibly go wrong?


For those spending Valentines Day at home, alone, with their cat

We feel you. But don't be upset! You are awesome and you are an adult. You can have any wine you feel like it because damn it this is a made up holiday used to sell more cards! Yeh, nobody sent cards to us either. Zinfandel, Malbec, Chardonnay, who cares. Just enjoy it, love comes when you least expect it.


Vynl Mind