Can we drink green wine for St. Patrick's Day? What is Green Wine?

So if you are a wino like most of the people here ar Vynl, our contributors, and our friends, you want to know that there is a wine for each occasion. Not that there is anything wrong with a good beer, or a well made cocktail, all great drinks are awesome, but maybe you lean more towards wine. Maybe wine is your drink of choice, your go to. Or maybe you just feel like having wine. Sometimes there are events, and occasions, where been and spirits are dominant. St. Patricks day is the number one culprit! Every year, March 17 becomes a day of Guiness and Irish whiskey. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but in the spirit of the Patron Saint of Ireland, is there any way we can drink "green" wine? What the hell is "green" wine?

Answer 1 - Its in the name

Vinho Verde is Portuguese for Green wine, and if you look at it it does have a slightly green tint rather than the yellow hue of most white wines. Its a hell of a lot of fun to drink, and you can drink a lot of it without getting obliterated as the alcohol is comparable to a (very) strong beer. Plus that little hint of sparkle will just make you a more bubbly person (get it?!?!).

Gruner Veltliner is another one. It means Green Veltliner. Its fucking delicious, and seriously groovy! Green, and basically a better version of Sauvignon Blanc.

Answer 2 - Its organic

If by "green" you mean that its environmentally conscience then organic wines are perfect. Keep your eye out for them, and most organic wines are very happy to promote that fact. Also keep an eye out for biodynamic wines that add a little bit of a spiritual, or mystic element. Biodynamic wines are perfect given the original religious tones of the day.

Answer 3 - Its made with weed

Hell yeh! You can get weed wine now. Some are looking to give you some fuzz to your buzz, while others like Mary Jane Wines see the drink as a new way of delivering some of the health benefits associated with cannabis. Either way, we are game.

Answer 4 - Its whatever the hell you want it to be.

Who cares what other people are drinking. You are a grown ass human adult and can make choices. You want to drink a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon through a straw at the parade then you get yourself the silliest straw you can find you rockstar!