What if Soccer Teams Were Wines?

We love wine, and most of us on the team love soccer. In fact, we even sponsored a small soccer team in Boston called the Boston Rovers (our CEO, design advisor, and operations advisor all play for that team, but thats besides the point). It got us thinking, and after much deliberation (AKA bottles of wine) we came up with a list of what kind of wines the most famous soccer teams in the world would be.

Juventus would be Barolo

Juventus are the Kings of Italian Football. The Old Lady from Turin have won three Serie A titles in a row. Much like their wine-sake, Juventus have connections to an old lady and hail from Piedmont. They are a classy team, with some really strong players. You could say they are elegant and full bodied. Barolo is the wine of kings made for a team of kings.


Barcelona would be Cava

Barcelona would be Cava, because they always seem to have some reason to celebrate. Whether its winning three titles in a year, or coming from behind to hammer a really poor Paris Saint Germain. With so much celebration though, the Champagne bill could get really expensive, so Cava is an economical, fruity, and of course Catalonian. Like Barcelona says, its more than a club, and more about the region.

Real Madrid would be Bordeaux

Wait, how could a Spanish team be a French wine? Well, allow us to explain. Real Madrid's team is a blend of talent, from the prodigious Cristiano Ronaldo, the pace of Gareth Bale, the hardened Sergio Ramos and Pepe, and the creative genius of Toni Kroos and Luka Modric. It takes a skilled winemaker to take all of these individuals playing in unison, and when it works they become like rare vintages. People speak of the Real Madrid teams as if they were great vintages and even when there is a bad year they know a good year is just around the corner. 

Manchester United would be California Cabernet Sauvignon

Ridiculously rich, incredibly powerful, and boasting a powerful, world recognized brand, Manchester United are definitely a Cabernet Sauvignon. Sometimes, because of the brand, you pay a bit too much for something only slightly better than mediocre *cough* Paul Pogba *cough* but you know that the decadence is going to make you more than happy. You know you are going to get something full bodied, powerful, and delightful in the wine and on the field.

Bayern Munich would be Chardonnay

Love it or hate it, you will never get rid of it. Chardonnay is a great wine, even if it gets the image of being basic. Bayern Munich is a great team, even if they are somewhat of a safe team to support. Bayern will always win trophies and Chardonnay grapes will always make amazing wines. You do not have to love it, but you have to respect it. People love the butteriness, the stone fruits, and if you cannot get on board there are plenty of other wines/teams to fall in love with.

Liverpool would be Merlot

Liverpool are Merlot. Oh dear lord are Liverpool Merlot. A wine with so much promise, they seemed to disappear for years never winning any league titles. In recent years they have flatlined, but are still poking around the wine shelves. It seems to be making a comeback as people forget those really awkward years where a bald headed man made them appear worthless, but only time will tell. Still though, Liverpool and Merlot remain much loved classics.

One more, Paris Saint Germain would be a bottle of Champagne left open for a day

You remember how awesome it was when PSG crushed Barcelona in Paris? It was like an insane party, but things clearly got too crazy, you felt hungover, and realize that the expensive Champagne has been left open for way too long. It goes flat, it tastes rank, and its totally disappointing. How the hell did something so awesome turn into something disgusting? Blech!

This is a hell of a lot of fun to do, and if people like this we will certainly be taking suggestions, talking about teams and finding the perfect wine pairings. So what teams (soccer or otherwise) would you like us to pair wine with?

Vynl Mind