Wines that Rock: Orange Wine - The funk just don't stop!

Ladies and gentlemen, Morris Day and the Mutha Fuckin Time! Oh wee oh wee oh! I think I wanna show it to ya. Thats orange wine, and its super freaky, super funky wine. Never had it before? You may just want to sit down for this.

What the hell is orange wine? It is not wine made from oranges, actually far from it. Orange wine in general is wine made from white grapes, with the juice left to ferment on the skin in the same style as making red wine. In short, what that does is keep all the awesome fruits, acidity, and minerality associated with white wine, and adds in the tannins associated with red wine. It is a strange combination, but it makes for some really funky, awesome wine. It is not for everyone, but its worth trying just to see if you like it.

Orange Wine is James Brown, you're going to have a funky good time

That first time though, if you are into it, really is like listening to funk music. Its weird, its wonderful, it makes you want to move and dance like you are about to have sex. Its seductive as fuck. Orange Wine is James Brown, you're going to have a funky good time that emphasizes the down beat of the tannins on top of the melody. Its body makes it soulful, smooth, and groovy. At its best, orange wine can be hard to put down even if its got that funky taste that goes against the rules.

Needless to say, Orange Wines are not the kind of wines you want to be taking home to your mom

Sometimes though, Orange Wine can go full on Parliament-Funkadelic. It just becomes outrageous, out of this world. These Orange Wines are made from heartier white grapes like Chardonnay. They have a nuttier, sharper, more earthy flavor to them. You take a sip, rock back in your chair and just go "Wow, what the hell did I just taste! The tones, the colors, its all so crazy." These Orange Wines will rock hard and blow your mind. Needless to say, these are not the wines you want to be taking home to your mom.

Much like funk music, Orange Wine turns the rulebook on its head

Thats the really cool thing about Orange Wine though, its an old way of making wine that has been rediscovered in the last twenty years or so. As such there are no rules, and like James Brown's funk music they kind of turn the rules on their head. Then, like Parliament, Earth Wind and Fire, even Rick James, different wine makers add to it, and try their own unique creations. You will see Ramato wines made from Pinot Gris grapes, but also Orange Wines made from Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, even the South Africans are experimenting with Chenin Blanc to make Orange Wine in the Swartland. 

Orange Wine is a real wine that rocks, its a Super Freak!