I Think I'm in Love with Biodynamic Wine

I think I am in love with biodynamic wine. There, I said it. I do not care what the hell you think about it, or how weird it is. That it can be so damn strange. Not the fact that I am in love with wine, don't be stupid, but by just how strange biodynamic wine and winemakers are.

So what the fuck is biodynamic wine? I hear you ask.

At its core biodynamic wine is organically grown wine with an alternative spin to it. The biodynamic principal of agriculture, an esoteric set of principals that believes everything in the world is connected, and has a link to the cosmos from which it draws energy. The growing process also follows a strict calendar with each day associated to one of the elements, ie a water day is the day you water the vines. Biodynamic winemakers also follow an interesting composting procedure that involves burying cow horns filled with a compost mixture of manure, herbs, and even crystals to draw out the energy and vibes of the cosmos. 

Bull horns, cow shit, and crystals

Yeh, me too. I thought they were pretty nuts. In fact many believe this is a pseudo-science with little to no evidence that their processes are making a difference to the vines and ultimately to the wine. But even if you don't understand it, or its just too esoteric and eccentric for you to get your head around, you have to give these winemakers some serious credit. Biodynamic winemakers do not just go out and make wine, they believe in what they do, they literally put their souls into it, breaking their backs to draw upon the cosmos to deliver us something spectacular, something unique, something that is very much of this world.

Its of this world, not out of it, and thats why I love it so much

What excites me the most about biodynamic wines is as much the effort as it is the reward. My favorite biodynamic wine right now is a Judith Beck Zweigelt (another grape you should add to your explorers list but I will save that for another time) which from the first sip was something I knew I could enjoy for any moment. I wanted to share it with my friends, I wanted them to experience this wine that was so damn delicious. They did not even have to be wine snobs to appreciate it. The winemakers have the same belief, that wine is about enjoying yourself, its about great pleasure! Like this quote from the Judith Beck website...

Most importantly, a wine should give pleasure! To us enjoying a good glass of wine ranks first. We strive to produce interesting and complex wines. Wines which develop in the glass, open up new dimensions with every sip and makes you look forward to the next glass.


Biodynamic is not bullshit, despite what goes into it

For a lot of biodynamic winemakers, the wines has a much more down to earth feel about it, because it is so connected with this world. It shows you that the care for the wine does not stop at growing the wine, but throughout the winemaking process and right up to the point where you drink it. Whether you believe their spiel or not.

Yes, some of the most outlandish and outrageous wines are biodynamic (DRC for example). They can be extravagant, they can be magical, and sometimes they can be full of shit. I have read about how biodynamic wines are better for you, and that IS bullshit. Wine writers and criticsc have tried periodically to make biodynamic wine a "thing" or the next big trend in wine. All bullshit. Its just a way of making wine, with minimal input, and a lot of attention to detail. It does not make the wine taste different, it does not have supernatural powers, and it does not need to be a trend. Its just something to look out for, get excited about, because more often than not when you see biodynamic on a label, someone put their soul into it, and the wine carries its own soul as a result. At the end of the day its just going to make you happy because that is what wine is all about!