What the F*** is Fruit Forward?

Fruit forward is perhaps the number one descriptor for wines. Not only is it used the most often, but it is more often than not the first words to come out a wino's mouth after the wine has gone in. "Yes, this wine is very fruit forward, and has a nice aroma to it..." that sort of thing. But what the fuck does fruit forward even mean, and how is it useful to finding what kind of wine that I like?

When I first heard someone say "fruit forward" I thought "No shit, of course its fruit forward. Wine is made from grapes, which are of course a fruit" but I admittedly was missing the point. Though I chuckle every time somebody says it, its gone from "No shit" to "Duh, its such and such wine and those are usually very much fruity forward..also you seem to not be able to put your hat on which fruit so you are just letting it linger...ok we are on to the next one huh." What the are ACTUALLY trying to say is that the fruit aromas and flavors coming from the wine are at the forefront of what you taste. That is to say, you taste fruits first as opposed to other flavor categories like earth, spice, herbs, etc. Simple right?

So how does this help me? This is perhaps one of the few descriptors of wine that I think is genuinely helpful to every level of wine drinker, from the wine curious newbie to the devout wine snob. Fruit forward can be the first line of attack/defense on whether or not you will actually like a wine. If you love the fruitiness of wines, then fruit forward should be your first check point. Are you more of a fan of smoke, leather, or earth? Maybe look elsewhere. 

I still laugh when people say "fruit forward" because in its simplicity, it can really prove useful to everybody. Fruit forward can save the day. Sort of.