Rock at Wine: How to REALLY cook with wine

Wine makes food even more delicious. Sometimes we even put it IN the food, and when we do oh boy do we make some amazing meals. Cooking with wine is a hell of a lot of fun, and it makes for delicious food. The food becomes richer, more decadent, and so much more vibrant for having been cooked with wine. But you can easily fuck it up. So how do you REALLY cook with wine? Well, we did some digging, a lot of cooking, and a ton of eating to figure out how to rock wine in the kitchen (and steal a glass or two every now and again for personal consumption) and created these useful tips.

Number One: Stay clear of the expensive stuff

You are going to cry if you put your $100 Saint Emillion Bordeaux into your lamb casserole, especially when you realize halfway through the meal that nobody has noticed it. At the end of the day, its is all going to taste the same so an $8 or $10 bottle of wine should do just fine, as long as its the right type of wine. Which brings us to our next point.

Number Two: The 2 or 3 wines you should always have around

A red win with too much tannins will make your food taste bitter, and similarly a white wine with too much acidity will make your food a little too tangy. Luckily we found two or three (you decide) wines that are perfect to cook with.

  • Merlot - Plenty of fruit, and with some really smooth tannins makes this the ultimate wine to use on red meat! Will make your red meat dishes super rich and hearty.
  • Sauvignon Blanc - Plenty of fruit, particularly lemon and passion fruit. This will make any seafood, fish, or poultry dish that little bit brighter.
  • Chianti - If it feels like a sin to put a French grape into an Italian dish, don't worry we got you covered. Red pasta sauces will do well with a splash of Chianti and our CEO says its his (not so) secret 

Number 3: Say no to cooking wine

Oh dear, why on this good green Earth would you ever buy cooking wine? That stuff is disgusting, and a total waste of money. It is full of crap (preservatives, salt, etc.) It is bland and tasteless, and not worth mixing in with your delicious lamb, or beef, or alpaca.

Essentially cooking with wine is a simple three chord progression. Those three chords can be expressed in an infinite amount of ways if you are creative enough, and daring enough. Once you know them, its all up to you to keep rocking out those chords and rock at cooking with wine.