Can you still drink red wine in the summer? You bet your sweet ass you can!

I love the summer! There is always an excuse to drink, most of the time that reason being "its hot as balls outside." Thing is, when summer roles around folks tend to switch over to pink and white wines. While I have no problem with white wines, or Rose wines, I really still do love my red wines, and it feels as though they suddenly become under appreciated in the summer months (long may they reign!). So the question is, if you really love your red wine, can you still drink red win in the summer? You bet your sweet ass you can, and here are some suggestions on where to start!

Pinot Noir

If there is one red wine that you could go to all summer long, its going to be Pinot Noir. Its such an amazing grape, and if slightly chilled, can be an outstanding refresher. You can also find Pinot Noir from just about everywhere, so keep an eye out for Pinots from Sancerre, Burgundy, Oregon, California, and New Zealand. Finding that stellar Pinot Noir can also become an endless summer pursuit.


Its red, it sparkles. Need we say more? Lambrusco was a hit in the 80s and 90s for being a sweet, sparkling wine. Tastes changed, but Lambrusco has been enjoying something of a resurrection recently. The wines are dryer, more refreshing, and so damn good. Great for summer picnics, and the alternative to bellinis and mimosas at brunch. Smashing!

Nebbiolo (especially Barolo and Barbaresco from Piedmont!)

The Italians call Barolo the King of Wines and the wine of kings. Its easy to see why sommeliers and wine geeks the world over are obsessed with Nebbiolo, especially Barolo. The mouth drying tannins, the abundant fruit flavors, the slightly bitter tinge all make for a seriously refreshing drinker. Easy enough to quaff all summer, complex enough to obsess over.


When you think of summer what is the one thing you imagine doing all summer long? Grilling and BBQ right? So, you are going to need a wine for that. Zinfandel is the perfect wine for the summer BBQ. Light to medium body, it goes well with burgers, hot dogs, all the way to steaks. Besides, no wine in the world says Fourth of July like a few bottles of Zin!


See Zinfandel, well with a few exceptions. If you are craving something bolder, heavier, and great for BBQ then you cannot go wrong with Malbec. Argentina is by far the most recognized Malbec producer in the world, and Malbecs from Mendoza can be pretty frikkin awesome. But there are a few out there from California, Washington, and Oregon, and our buddies at RAM Cellars make one hell of a bomb ass version. Damn its good!


Have you been looking at our list so far and thought "Yeh I love Pinot Noir and Nebbiolo, but I want something different"? Well have you tried Zweigelt yet? If not you need to get your hands on some of this awesome, translucent red wine. Its delicious, rich, and fruity, which makes it sublime to drink in the summer months. Pretty fair, light bodied, so you can put back a lot fairly easily. And now I feel thirsty...

So when its warm out there is certainly no reason for you to give up on your passion for red wines, or just have a glass or two because you got tired of Rose. Its your summer, its totally up to you what you want to drink. You may also want to try Pellaverga Piccolo, Grenache, Tempranillo, Rioja, and maybe even a Carmenere. Drink the wine you want to drink this summer, the perfect red wine for the summer is the one you enjoy the most.