Keep it crisp and keep it cool: The white wines you need to drink this summer!

Nothing can be better than chilled wine on a hot summer night. Summer is a fantastic time for white wine, something you can sling back and enjoy the bitter citrusy flavors, the crisp refreshment of the dry liquid cooling every parched throat. Summer means white wine becomes more than just a drink, its the building up to moments of bliss! There are so many white wines to choose from how could you possibly pick one? Where do you start? Well, we have some ideas for the white wines you need to be drinking this summer!

Torrontes - The summer fling

Torrontes has an amazing floral smell, making it as romantic a wine as they come. Torrontes is incredibly sexy, drinking it will give you the horn. So be sure to share it with someone you want to spend some intimate times with!

Chenin Blanc - Sancerre's little sister grows up

Crisp, bone dry white wines that make will make you addicted to this incredible white wine. Its long been a staple in the Loire valley where it is the little sister to Sancerre, but thanks to South African Chenin that is super dry, thirst quenching, summer deliciousness, it is starting to make it own way in the world. Like a chic Slayer t-shirt, this wine is a badass but totally on point.

Vinho Verde - Like lemonade for adults

Whether you are a wine snob, or a wine noob the heat has a way of bringing us all to the same level. Vinho Verde is a great wine that just cuts through all that bullshit, its got all the flavors you can analyze for days if you want to, but if you just want to shut up and drink to cool off and have fun Vinho Verde is there. Also, its usually less than $10 a bottle. Booyah!

Sancerre - Class it up a bit

Ok, so Sancerre may be purely Sauvignon Blanc (and I will get to SB in just a bit) but Sancerre really is a whole different animal. The flinty soil of the Loire valley makes for a wine that cannot be underestimated, a wine that defines minerality, and is the perfect accompaniment to oysters. Preppy summer wine, don't forget those Sperry's.

Arneis - Dancing the night away

Ever since Heather Gordon introduced me to Arneis I've been obsessed! Dancing the night away, losing yourself in the music, getting sweaty, and just enjoying the best damn nights of your life. How else could you cool off? Vodka and soda water? No! It has to be Arneis, to lock down that memory.  Now, can we sneak some Arneis into that musical festival. #askingforafriend

Gruner Veltliner - Summer fare, be prepared!

Crisp as a shiny green apple, with a serious bite to it! Gruner Veltliner is like adding that slide of lemon to a brisk, ice cold water. Its a fun wine to drink, fun to say if you can get it right, and "gruvy" enough to take with you to all your summer night soirees. Plus, Gruner Veltliner goes exceptionally well with cool meals, think salad or raw bar. Yum!

Sauvignon Blanc - Incase you didn't know already!

Sauvignon Blanc is a wine for every summer occasion, and its as easy as any wine to get your hands on some. Your run of the mill Sauvignon Blanc will often give off stunning flavors of passion fruit, a dead giveaway of the wine. But you can get some very complex, mineral, and saline flavors. Its a wine to aways have on hand, because it is a crowd pleaser. It brings people together and brings out the summer vibes. Sauvignon Blanc FTW!

Okay, so thats a big ass list of white wines! You really are spoiled for choice, and there is so much good wine out there. White wines go great with summer, and you can really live it up drinking all sorts of different white wines from around the world. Go for it! When you go through this list you will find a whole new love for white wines, and you'll soon discover that this is just the tip of the iceberg. A cool, refreshing, crisp, summer iceberg!