Is 2017 going to be another summer of Rose?

It is almost here! Rose season is almost here! Or as the rest of the world calls it, Spring and Summer. Rose wines are the feel good hit of the summer, so bright, so full of character.  Rose the go to summer wine. But its felt like that for a while now. Is there something new and hot that could take its place? Or is Rose here to stay...for the summer at least. We have to ask, is 2017 going to be another summer of Rose?

At Whole Foods in Cambridge, MA last night I found the Rose wines out in full swing. All sorts of Rose wines are hitting the shelfs and the promo stands. The liquor stores are filling their fridges. Wine lists at top restaurants are getting a little bit pinker. Yup, Rose is here! 

Why Rose is so popular

Its easy to see why Rose is such a big deal in the summer. Its the one wine you can drink at a picnic, a nightclub, or a pool party. Rose is as accessible as it is lively. The wines are super easy to drink, but remain so full of character. Yet it still has its complexity, stemming from red grapes from which it is produced that makes it so much more fun than your average party beverage. Put that Bud Light down! 

Why Rose has staying power

The great thing about Rose is that it does combine the best of red wine and white wine, while at the same time being something completely unique. Rose can be bright, crisp, and acidic, with some mild tannins, and all sorts of fruity flavors. Colors range from mildly blushing pink to translucent cherry red. With Rose's growing global popularity winemakers all over the world are trying out different red grapes to turn into Rose. Pinot Noir? Sure! Grenache? Most definitely! Cinsault, Mourvedre, Pinotage, Cabernet Franc, Malbec, and Counoise? Hey why the hell not, lets party! There is something there for everyone, even the biggest Rose bros.

Is summer a Rose exclusive event then?

For all the hype it gets, you would think it summer was Rose exclusive or that Rose was summer exclusive. Both are equally untrue. Rose will serve you well and good right through the fall, and keep you in a good mood through winter if that is what you want. But Rose should also not be the only wine you drink. There are some great white wines out there like Sancerre, Chenin Blanc, and Albarino which can suit most parties. Vinho Verde also happens to be a favorite summer refresher. What you drink this summer is totally up to you, don't follow the hype if its not your thing.

So is 2017 still going to be the summer of Rose?

Sure! There is no reason to NOT drink Rose this summer. Its still very much an IN thing. You can find some really delicious wines out there that will compliment all sorts of summer activities. Should Rose be the only wine you drink this summer? Hell no! There are so many great wines out there for hot nights, beach days, picnics, and the lot. Rose is just one of many wines you can have a blast with this summer, and will probably still be the wine you drink the most.