Hey Gents! You know, you don't always have to drink Cabernet Sauvignon?

Hey there men of America. You guys know you don't always have to drink Cabernet Sauvignon right? Its actually kind of funny, nay hilarious, that you all think you do. We totally get it though. Cabernet Sauvignon has been made out to be the King of Grapes, the biggest, baddest, boldest wine in the world. Everything about Cabernet Sauvignon sounds manly. Anthony Giglio of Food and Wine called it the Vladimir Putin of grapes, like a shirtless macho warrior world leader embodied by fermented grapes. Bold!

There are actually bigger, badder, bolder, fuller wines out there. Wines that make Cabernet Sauvignon and the bros who drink it look like pretenders. While Cabernet has its place in our hearts, we need to stop pretending its the manliest wine out there. Manliness depends on how you live your life, being true to yourself, and finding your place in the world. And there is a wine for every type of man out there, from the blue collar hero to the refined gentleman. So we thought about some suggestions of real wines to drink for the real men of the world.


Big smoky and tobacco flavors. Who needs that post steak dinner cigar after a good bold glass of Syrah. Syrah is for the hunter, the devourer of game, the provider. The blue blooded, hard working man who's hands are rough but his soul is gentle. The man with America running through his blood, and he doesn't need to post selfies with a carcass on Instagram for affirmation.

Touriga Nacional (Douro)

The heavy wine for the thinking man, the intellectual driven to solve the problems of the world. No, not you Elon Musk. Nobody wants or needs to go to Mars. We are talking to the Noam Chomsky types, the guys who read Tolstoy, who study Thomas Jefferson, the guys who use The Art of War in almost every decision they make (without being totally douche-y about it). Touriga Nacional wines are wines for contemplating the world and the universe.


Mourvedre can be heavy as fuck! It is a hard rocker, a metal head. Not in the sense of a dingy, smelly, foul mouthed little shit with a chip on his shoulder. Far from it. Mourvedre is the guy dressed all in black, designer Chelsea boots, fitted leather jacket, dark long hair, and impeccable beard. Its the Black Sabbath of the wine world. 


Malbec is as smooth as it is bold. A refined gentleman's wine who makes life look so effortless. The Idris Elba, Daniel Craig, Javier Bardem all rolled into one distinguished, stylish, class act of wine. Comfortable in a suit, or just jeans and a teeshirt. Always put together, never caught off guard.

Petit Sirah

There is nothing darker, bolder, and heavier than a Petit Sirah. Petit Sirah is for the man who really does love things bigger, badder, bolder, heavier, but is not put off by a cute name like a 6ft8in French rugby player called Michel. Pretenders may snicker at the name, Petit Sirah cares nothing for pretenders and carries on pushing the limits of what it is to be manly. 

Of course, there is nothing wrong with a man drinking medium bodied wines, lighter wines, rose, orange, or white wines. The best way to be wine drinking man is to be yourself. You do you! Drink whatever the hell you want.