Wines that Rock: Petite Sirah - When the journey reaches the end

Lets start off by saying Petite Sirah is its own damn thing. Its not "little Syrah" whatever that is. Got it? Good! Lets continue.

When you get into something, like truly get into something, there is often no stopping until you reach the pinnacle. For mountain climbers is scaling Everest, for heavy metal listeners its finding the heaviest possible bands (debatable between Electric Wizard and Meshuggah), for those obsessed with big, bold, heavy wines, it has to be Petite Sirah. It is the biggest, the baddest, the heaviest red wine out there, and it can easily become an obsession.


Boom! Bam! Kapow!


Drinking Petite Sirah is like taking a punch to the face, a vintage Batman hit. Boom! Bam! Kapow! It hits you hard, but its full of color. You get the idea, but its a hell of a lot of fun. To behold Petite Sirah is something else, the wine has a dark purple hue that feels like you are staring into the abyss. 


Petite Sirah is a custom motorcycle, but also an Emerson poem, and a Fitzgerald novel.


Petite Sirah is an American wine dammit! It is the story of an immigrant, struggling to make its way back home. It came to America, changed its name to be more appealing (from Durif). Its spicy, herbal, and fruity. Its come to America with something to prove, and the people just fell in love with it. But its not the American in the sense that it became overproduced, mass market, and sold around the world. Petite Sirah is actually still rather rare, less than 10,000 acres grown in the world, most of which though is in California. Instead its more along the lines of the rocking American craftsmen, the guys and gals who take something loved and add their own unique spin to it. Its a custom motorcycle, a hot rodded car, an Emerson poem, a Fitzgerald novel. There is a beauty in its rarity, a deeper sense of appreciation for something we otherwise take for granted.


Petite Sirah is the reward for the journey, having coming so far and appreciating where you are now.


Petite Sirah is the peak of big, bold heavy wines. But to reach that peak, stand and not stare at what surrounds you would be to waste the experience, and disparage the journey. In Petite Sirah you get a complex wine, something that asks you to stay, to appreciate how far you have come and how you got there. Petite Sirah is a the end of a journey, a just reward for coming so far.