Wines that Rock: Lambrusco - So hot right now!

Wait, so its sparkling AND its red? Sign me the fuck up! Lambrusco is a wine that is on the lips of every wine lover around the world right now, and for really good reason. It is a great drink, not just a great wine. Its full of flavor, and checks all the boxes for the summer. Lambrusco is so hot right now!


So what the hell is Lambrusco? 


Lambrusco is one of those ultra rare red sparkling wines, in fact it might be the only red sparkling wine you are likely to find out at your local liquor store, if you find one at all. Lambrusco is made using red grapes from Northern Italy, in particular 13 indigenous grapes that are all called...Lambrusco. Lambrusco was super popular in the eighties, riding the wave of sweet wine love, but faded in the nineties when tastes switched over to dry. It took some time, but Lambrusco is enjoying a revival in the United States as many drinkers look to expand their wine drinking beyond the basic five wines their parents drank.

Lambrusco is made using the tank method of adding bubbles to your wine, similar to Prosecco. The bubbles are a little finer, there's not as much pressure in the bottle, and its a much cheaper way of making sparkling wine than the traditional "Champagne" method so its more often than not a less expensive wine. The color of the wine can vary depending on what the winemaker is trying to achieve. Something lighter and fruity with a Rose, or bolder, meatier, and yet still refreshing would get you a wine that has a deep purple hue. As with most sparkling wines, you can go for bone dry, to semi-sweet, and sweet when and where you want. Lambrusco has range, you will find the one for you. 


Its red, its dry, it sparkles. Its a winner!


Lambrusco is special. Every restaurant in the world has a Cab Sav, a Pinot Noir, a Chardonnay. But not everybody has Lambrusco. Its a treat whenever you find it. It sets the tone for a whole night, lifting you up and getting you ready for the unknown. Lambrusco is the start of something extraordinary. Lambrusco doesn't do ordinary, it doesn't tick boxes, it exists as a cross between worlds, a wine that can have its cake and eat it, and drink a few glasses of Lambrusco too. 

Its that attitude that makes Lambrusco so perfect for 2017 and beyond. Lambrusco is different, its charging ahead on its own path. The special wine for a special generation in a special time. Its not the wine we asked for, but its the wine that reflects our lives at this point in time.