The 10 Coolest wineries in America

One of life's greatest pleasures is going to visit a winery, sampling their awesome wine in a beautiful setting. But it can get a little bit, scratch that, it can get VERY repetitive. How many quaint little tasting rooms can you possibly visit? Luckily there are some wineries that take the experience of the tasting room to the next level, and for whatever reason we believe these are the 10 coolest wineries in the United States!

10 - Castello di Amorosa

Good wine, scenic views, and its in a castle. You read that right, its in fucking castle! Complete with torture chamber and all! Though we stretch as to think of who would be the victims, Castello di Amorosa offers a different experience. The Italian style wines and castle offer a piece of Tuscany in the heart of the Napa Valley. 

Castello di Amorosa

9 - Opus One

There are decadent wines, there are lavish wines, and then there is Opus One. The brainchild of Baron Rothschild and Robert Mondavi, Opus One makes just two wines, the namesake Opus One and Overture. The winery itself is something else. the Opus One winery feels like it has come out of a Bond film, the setting for some villain to encounter and ensnare our suave hero. 

Opus One Winery

8 - Sottomarino

Sottomarino inside an old Navy training vessel. Wicked!

Sottomarino inside an old Navy training vessel. Wicked!

Another California winery that focused instead on Italian rather than French grapes, Sottomarino delivers their experience in a whole different vessel. In fact it is an old Navy training vessel, a submarine to be precise. 

7 - Tank Garage Winery

The dream of a road tripping wino, to travel through California stopping only for gas and wine. Well at Tank Garage you have both! Okay, so they don't actually have gas, but setting the winery in an old gas station has Americana, PCH written all over it. Its a must stop for any wine tourist.

6 - Artesa Vineyards

If stunning architecture is your thing, coupled with perfect views, then Artesa is all you need. This is a gem in the Carneros region of California. You'll find California standards like Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Cabernet Sauvignon, but also some hidden gems like Cabernet Franc and Albarino to really make your mouth water. 

5 - Infinite Monkey Theorem - Denver CO and Austin TX


Okay this winery has the coolest name ever, of all time. A nod to the chaos theory that says an infinite number of monkeys writing on an infinite amount of typewriters at random will eventually write the complete works of Shakespeare, and also make some rocking wine. The winery is all about pulling beauty from the chaos, and through a distinct urban rebel vibe have successfully put Denver and Austin on the wine map.

4 - Rooftop Reds

Since this winery is in Brooklyn it is cool be default. What could be better than drinking wine on a rooftop in Brooklyn? Wine that was made on a rooftop in Brooklyn!

3 - Bluxome Street Winery

If you are going to have a winery in downtown San Francisco, you better be cool! Good job then Bluxome Street Winery! Even cooler being the fact that this winery is actually in the heart of where California wine making began. At the end of the day its about people making and drinking great wine, so you cannot ask for more.

2 - Sleight of Hand

You could say that wine should be all about what is inside, great wine is in the bottle not on the label. And for Walla Walla's Sleight of hand that would definitely be true. A winery that is creating a cult following through amazing wines but driven by a passion for music that takes a lot of the pretentiousness away. Their cult status also may have something to do with the magic theme going on through their wine names that brings the dark arts into play. 

1 - Wines of Substance - Seattle WA

Concert venue? Sweet bar? Winery? All of the above? Can only be Charles Smith's place in Jet City Seattle.

Concert venue? Sweet bar? Winery? All of the above? Can only be Charles Smith's place in Jet City Seattle.

Love him or hate him, Charles Smith is a fucking legend. His winery in downtown Seattle's Jet City is the only suitable place for a man who brought bad ass attitude into wine making, paving the way for many to follow.